Monday, March 28, 2011

CH38: Life changes

While waiting for my Mrt ride home, I only realized now that there are a lot of things I can live without. Like driving a car for instance, now in sg, I only miss driving. But it doesn't feel much as a necessity compared to when I was in the Philippines.

Some formerly perceived needs become wants.

And tasks previously not actioned become necessity - laundry, ironing of clothes etc.

Which brings me to the point that, the government can dictate on what society perceives as needs and wants. Commercialism has little effect on wants as again, governments can create policies to shape how society thinks and reacts.

Singapore has done a lifestyle change for me. Although a stark contrast from the Philippine setting, discipline and way of life can change through government action and policies.

I'm rambling here or perhaps getting sentimental, but I hope I brought up and drove through a point here

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