Sunday, March 13, 2011

CH35: Panic

Just a few minutes ago, my sister popped me a message in YM.

She started it off by saying, "Mom got in an accident, she's currently in the ER of St. Lukes," and the font of her message was like usual, bold comic sans i think size 15. So, it was pretty alarming to hear the news...she typed on about things while I called my mom immediately.

Scenes flashed through my mind, and I was imagining so many things - the things that you see on movies and tv. Thank God my mom is safe. Although, the story of it is that, she slipped on wet cement on a sidewalk and fell to her knee. End of the story is that she fractured her knee and may need to go through surgery.

I dont know the full details of what happened yet, so you can say that this is some sort of hot scoop or something. But, well, the panic has come and gone. Now, the lingering feeling is just concern. I wish I could fly back to Manila ASAP and help her out, but I cant. I have my obligations here and, well, it's a job.

I am just now imagining how things would have been if I was in Manila and not in Singapore. My thought of it is that, well, accidents happen. I will pray for my mom's safety and recovery.

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