Wednesday, March 9, 2011

[Random] Swamped

Well, here I go again, ranting work and life.

Yet again as well, I'm busy for the week. The following tasks are expected to be completed:
1. SMD installation on 1 Java system ... may need Wily for this
2. DSI (solman dev) refresh ... kind of new to me since Java will be refreshed as well. New learnings.
3. Oracle SBP Patching (4/5 SIDs to work on) ... another new encounter

It seems though, to be honest that my stay in TSFI has brought more good than should be expected. The work environment I guess, cultured the 'working-independently' attitude. Before, if these tasks were assigned to me, I would have groaned in frustration as well as fright at the thought of not being able to meet certain expectations - given that, well, I am not aware of how to do the said activities.

But now, I find myself, well, feeling like hmm ... how should I phrase it, happy go lucky I guess, in a way. The activities are there, so, theres nothing else to do but get them over with.

With the matter for number 1, I have to discuss with my boss first that installation may not be completed by Friday given that I have the Refresh to perform, and I may also need to have root access on the system in order to finish the there are tons of other configuration items to consider.

Anyway, WTFupdate.

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