Monday, March 28, 2011

[Random] Hair Cut

Yesterday, I got my first 'trimming' here in Singapore. Well, as I am not as vain as other people, don't expect me to put out what I look like with my new hair style.

All I can say are the following:
1. I still like how meticulous my stylist was in the Philippines, in terms of cutting my hair. I do not generalize for all stylist though, just one in Acqua Trinoma. Maybe because I've been getting my hair cut by him since right before my graduation rites in UP. Here in SG, the time it took for my hair to get cut is about the same time it took for my hair to be shampooed as well as conditioned plus the chit chats.

My stylist is not very adept to speaking and hearing the English language I think, so he has to stop to hear/understand me before he continues cutting. The stylist I got, was Malay-Chinese. Very young at 23 years old. He shares that he has been working in a salon for almost 5 years. He studied while doing work so blah blah blah. A lot of the details elude me right now with all the noise in a salon and of course, the obvious language barrier.

2. My haircut cost about ~S$33. The haircut I get in the Acqua cost about ~S$13 (430 pesos, 280 for haircut, 100 for tip to stylist, 50 for the person who does the shampoo, conditioning, scalp massage, and the clearing off the cut hair from shoulders and face. - That was a mouthfull!). The stylist in Singapore does everything, wash, cut, blowdry etc etc.

There are QBhouses or other places of the same sort but a different name which sells haircuts for S$10. But, I classified those places as "Barber Shops" based on how similar they look with barber shops in the Philippines. I've already had bad experiences with barber shops in the Philippines, so I opted not to go and try. Although cheaper, the same flow of logic applies here in SG. Price difference is almost propotional as well, I think.

3. Style wise, well, I have to say that mine looks authentically Chinese/Singaporean/Japanese/Korean - whichever trend is being followed. Hahaha, my stylists boasts of his training in Malaysia and his upcoming training in Taipei with regards to styling hair...But I think I'll get another haircut once I get back to the Philippines, it's pretty expensive here. I imagine that the haircut I got is already worth about 4 days of 2 meals.

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