Saturday, March 26, 2011

CH37: Day off

Having just visited the Singapore Arts Museum, I can safely say that this country values its art pieces and patron more than the Philippines.

The museum was retrofitted to centralize airconditioning. The whole of the museum was enclosed in glass to preserve the contents (I guess) of the pieces of art as well as provide a very comfortable atmosphere for the patrons. I recall the visit my friends and I had a museum of a similar effect somewhere in Manila. Although, yes, the experience was pleasurable, but I must say, the publicity to encourage people to visit the place was lacking.

It felt as though in the Philippines, art is packaged to be consumed only by a certain stratosphere of society. Not very accessible as well, I wouldn't know how to commute were we went, it was only a matter of convenience that we drove there.

Anyway, getting out of topic. What I wanted to post about was my liking and appreciation for the arts. I took the time from my day off to research on what art galleries I can visit, and well, what better place to visit, than the Singapore Arts Museum.

Pictures posted here.

You need to be a friend of a friend or my friend in facebook though in order to view.

So, yes, going around about the town soaking in different cultural arts and displays, is one of my idea of relaxation. I especially like going through the silent corridors and hallways soaking in the arts.

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