Friday, March 11, 2011

[Review] Jack's Place

So, while staying late in the office, my friends: Trixie, Benjo and Simoun, decided to eat out. Trixie picked out a place at Century Square Mall. The place is mid-end by Singapore standards the way I see it.

**prices quoted below are before service charge (10%) as well as GST - SG's version of VAT (7%).
The price range is from $16-40(SGD). Steaks are its main offer. Upon the recommendation of the waiter, I tried the Jack's Special Steak 25SGD. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of before eating it. Hahaha, so sadly enough, below is a picture of what's been half devoured.

Lol, The picture looks a bit disgusting, but I will have to rate the presentation about 3.5/5 for the Jack Special Steak. Nothing too elaborate or extravagant in the presentation. The serving had baked potato (with sour cream and bacon bits - yum!). It also had a siding of corn, and of course the steak (it was, I would estimate, about 3/4-1 inch thick). I like my steaks medium well, so it was juicy - the good way. Overall taste would be about 3.5/5. I would have wanted a bigger serving of sauce, or that they would have poured the sauce right in front of me. The plate, btw, arrived to our table still sizzling.

--They serve New Zealand beaf by the way. I'm not sure about the pricing etc or the grade of the steak, but at the end of the night, I was beyond stuffed.

Overall rating: 3.5/5. Considering the price range, I think I would have gotten more out of the price spent had it been spent in the Philippines. But then again, I'm no authority with steaks, so you should find some other food blog to refer to.

Below are the other pics taken before the food was actually consumed.
Fried rice from Simoun - according to him, the order was a bit bland. I wasnt able to taste it though, so I can't say.

Below is Benjo's order, mixed grill, which had steak, chicken, bacon, egg, and the baked potato.
Benjo's order, I would have to rate as 4.5/5. Considering the pricing, and the generous serving, it's very well worth the penny.

Fatty ass picture of myself below. hahaha.

Simoun, Benjo, Trixie and myself

Yes, we look tired. This dinner took place at about 9 pm already. So, let's call it another day...still have some activities to do for later, i just happen to be up till now trying to clean up my laptop.

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