Wednesday, February 21, 2007


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i wrote an entry for the first time by hand. but then. it no longer seemed appropriate to retype it ill just type a new one...
-anyway the gist of the entry was how i thought some of my orgmates were some "tambay" outside the house. i took a nap before proceeding to study for my ce22 exam and i woke up to some ruckus outside. isip isip ko bakit may bisaya atang lasing sa labas. orgmate ko palang taga mindanao.
-after that, diretso aral na. and ive discovered something new in our house. i should play clasical music sa mini home theater speakers sa sala.

well, that was monday.
-ce22 exam
-overnight irc
-american idol!
:astig. i like the male contestants - and waiting for the female performances. i  dont know why but every season nalang there's something to look forward to in american idol. hindi yung parang ibang talent show sa local tv na pag inulit eh parang boring dahil kahit may something new - it fails to really impress. wala ring follow through yung mga shows. tingan mo sa abs-cbn. sa dami ng mga shows na ginawa nila eh ang dami na nilang champion singers...siguro mabilis lang nga magsawa yung mga tao at yung mga producers kaya dapat ibang ibang show talaga ang aabanga - na...tama nga naman.

other things
here are random thoughts on "momentary."
I'm glad i realized this sooner -
You're not who I need - only someone I wanted -
It's just a mistake thinking i've fallen for you - 
you're not for me - not at all -
I believe now that much was obvious - 
For now - I hate you.

chatted with friends bago mag overnight sa irc and after ng ce22 exam.
nakakaalis talaga yung mga usapan na kwentuhan lang talaga. yung walang problema at nag didiskusyon lang kayo ng bagay dahil - masaya lang talaga magusap. basta.
hehehe...ayun mga 1 hour 20 minutes kaming nag kwentuhan nila issa and raissa sa ministop.

1 month nalang matatapos na ang classes etc.
less than 2 weeks and tapos na mga kelangan gawin para sa org...
mga madadaling bagay nalang ang natitira.

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