Monday, February 12, 2007

tomorrow will be the longest day.

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tomorrow has not even started yet it already has for me...

here i am doing my eee51 homework (blogging ? - i am entitled to short breaks am i not?!) anyway...yes...eee 51 homework.

then i have to wake up 6am to get to class on time ce 22 - 7am.

after that. i have to go to electrobus to pick up the check for squeeeze 2007 sponsorship.

after that. eee51 class - homework submission. i hope i dont get held up at quezon avenue due to traffic or something

after that. i have to go to cubao to deliver the billing statement and moa to accenture...then they have to send it to makati...then sometime after i have to go back to makati to get the check...haay.

after that. if i still have the time, i have to get the dean's recommendation as requested by canon. i have till next week to finish this. gosh...if we only had our OR

after that. i have eee105 class. i hope sir bob cuts short his lecture...i dont think ill be up to, im reminded of our surprise quiz last sobrang nasurprise ako kasi the quiz relied entirely on your knowledge of eee21...when was that -? 2 years ago.

after that. i have another class - ece god! why does the new lesson have to include math 114 knowledge? that's like the "damned" math subject. it's the worst math ever. I don't like it - wait. stop this mentality...believe you liked/like it and everything will be okay...hahaha...but seriously, that's the worst math subject ive ever taken. it's the only math subject that i never really appreciated...but come on! i love math...but bases and subsets etc etc...damn.

after that. eoea. i hope by this time im not all sweaty yet. after the excursions to panay and cubao...i seriously hope not.

after that. i volunteered for UP fair. and my tuesday will officially end 5am. about burn out.
then come wednesday...a little bit of rest and then marketing. i have to accomplish canon asap!

on a side note:
im just so glad that other people are starting to realize the evil person you are hahaha...sounds so highschool. but seriously, im glad other people are starting to hate you...because...that's how much i hate you. i wish the whole world - or eee - will hate you...

on another side note:
nope. hindi ikaw si lc. pero malapit na sa tunog. hahahah. "good morning pogi." yuck.

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