Monday, February 12, 2007

rekindling good times

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ps2 = good old times.

reminiscing the days of relentless game play.
leaving the ps2 turned on during sleep - 13 hours just so you can continue where you left off - you felt sleepy even before the save point came up.
addiction at its worst.

even bought 2 new games just because i "didnt want to finish" the other games - because they'll take too long to finish.

went to greenhills to hit two birds with one stone. 1 is to please mom by having the dog's hair cut. 2 is to buy the games at greenhills.
-wasnt sure if tiendesitas had any ps2 games for sale. so why take the risk. =) mom's dilemma seems to have affected me as well. my mom fears that we may have to have the pipes changed - which means - reconstruction. i wonder as well how a household with two members in it consume 2000 pesos worth of water. no answer for that but a leak --- i guess.

my sister's coming home this fifteenth. i'll be their driver for the wedding this coming saturday.

up fair. i've already asked my mom's permission to allow me to stay the night at up diliman. thank god i dont really have that much to do on wednesday. oh yeah. i should go to accenture this coming saturday. i have to ready the layout of the sponsors.

note note note.

havent done my ee275 and eee51 homework. been playing ps2. tsk tsk tsk. but to make up for lost time. im going to be studying soon after i finish typing up this entry.


time to hustle.

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