Thursday, February 8, 2007


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boring wednesday.

woke up after 9 hours of sleep
went to irc meeting
waited for lew to talk with percdc
went to sc to order a strawberry-apple-mango shake
went home
did marketing
finished reading abnkkbsnplako?! by bob ong
now im reading his second - bakit baliktad magbasa...
went to gateway to watch the holiday with (according to arrival)
1. rose
1. a.lo
1. bananie
2. monde
3. beth

the holiday was great! the movie was so enjoyable. you laugh, you feel you just enjoy! hahaha never quite enjoyed a movie like that for a long time. basta its hard to explain. if i were you, go and watch it asap!! to drive the point even further - i plan to buy an original dvd of it when it comes out - to make it part of our collection.

oh yeah - it occured to me when i commuted to gateway that - i cant recall when was the last time ive ridden on an mrt!!! i think it's been about 6 months! shucks. well, dont blame me, weve moved to quezon city and ive nowhere else to go that would require me to use the mrt - if ever there was - that's what the car is for.

and - when i went home - it also dawned on me that it's been so long since ive last ridden on a bus. fx and jeep are not really such a big case because they're the mode of transportation i prefer when i go to quiapo or divisoria. YES...i go to those places.

but when i rode the bus...i felt so dizzy! grabe!!! i last remember feeling that dizzy when i texted someone riding a jeepney home (sm north)...just one text and i was feeling all "woozy" like im about to puke and like i need air (duh! jeepneys are open-air! hahaha) anyway, i felt that dizzy in the bus - maybe its the stop and go stop and go movement. shucks! music from my ipod would have cured that feeling (because it would have diverted my attention - instead of thinking about how dizzy i am, i would think about the music - that's usually how i distract myself from feeling any physical pain. that's why whenever i see someone squeal over some pain and over react to something - i always think...come on! that's just mind over matter. hahaha maybe that's just me.) anyway, i felt so dizzy and was wishing that the bus will just move and i wish i could open the window and that stuff. maybe i was also feeling claustrophobic because less than a foot lang yung distance nung chair from the next one kaya siksik yung tuhod ko dahil i have long legs) anyway, i was so happy to have gotten off sa malapit sa annex and the air! ive never been more glad to have gotten off public transpo...i was like thinking shet shet shet during the time i was in the bus shet shet shet shet i cannot puke i can't

hahaha...i just remembered my favorite scene of cameron...hahaha! the tears!!!!!!!!!!! God damn it! The tears!!!!!

hahaha good night

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