Thursday, February 22, 2007

impending breakdown?

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im feeling sick.
i think ive burnt myself out with extracurricular activities and acads.
grabe. i was supposed to start studying last wednesday but i ended up sleeping after getting home around 230. then when i woke up around 9 i just watched tv till 12 then did the lab report for 52 then watched tv again.

i just wasnt in the mood to study.
that was until 6pm a while ago.
i was able to study.

grabe. it had to take me having to punish myself for my lack of discipline.
i went home around 2pm after following up yet again with maam guev - the recommendation letter for canon.

then...i did more follow up upon arriving home.

and i went back to UP - commute.

i had to commute. i told myself. tipz you've abused all the priveleges and "luho" now its time to pay back - big.

haay...paano pa kaya next week. i have so much to read for 105 but i have to dedicate my monday to picking up the things from sponsors.
hahaay...then come thursday more pick up and then i have an exam on saturday for ece141 - which i hope will be postpone.
oh yeah. there's the report for eee 105.

im so tired.

i want to cry pero wag nalang. mapapagod lang mata ko. hahaha and i need my eyes to read.

malapit na...malapit na matapos ang lahat.

malapit na magsummer.

malapit na ako mag21. mga less than 2 months kaya malapit na rin.

malapit na.

malapit na.

malapit na.

good night.

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