Wednesday, February 28, 2007

update x

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-went to percdc, espana. made a new friend. hehehe...hello sir ronnie, paggrumaduate na ako libreng review ah. hehehe.
-intramuros - manilabulletin - got towed - settled - thanks to retired general _____ and may traffic enforcement group id - i was spared from paying 1500. 200 pesos worth of kotong is worth a way...i was alone that time and i was running late for meeting melvin niduaza from accenture
-makati - accenture
-eastwood - astec.

i talked with a friend, last friday i think...oh was...i was reviewing for my 51 exam scheduled the next day. the topic that was brought up was regarding taking graduate studies. i was at first...saying...well, i want to graduate asap so i can work and earn money...and then go up the ladder to earn more cash. but then my friend put things into perspective. the friend was saying like, in my situation, no one expects me to work in my family. my family has established itself. if there's anything that i need money's not really need...but want. i WANT money...the friend goes on to say that he/she was in my position, then, she'd just go grab the opportunity to take a graduate course because that will be a feat in itself and that i at least am entitled to really take the opportunity of getting an MS...but then well, he/she won me over. he/she got me thinking and put my way of thinking into another perspective...getting a graduate course is not really a necessity but more like a privelege...that's why people, including me, are at awe when i/we hear people's name could out with something added at the end, ms ee or something...

now, im thinking like, i'll make sure to consider other options aside from working immediately and taking the board exams...right now, im just so bored with studying...i'll ask my family when the time comes (hopefully a year from now - if all goes according to plan) if they would want me to take graduate studies...but then sure they'll say yes because...if i do accomplish it, then it will be another proud moment for the clan...the first ever...i remember my mom encouraging my brother to continue with his application to nanyang in singapore...but other opportunities came up was my brother's life after all.

but then...still, i have no resolve. i'll settle this issue a year from now hopefully...but thanks friend for giving me that perspective.
my sister is currently undergoing sleep study in saint luke's. i wasnt able to go with them (my mom and sis) to saint luke's because circuit had its general assembly...i heard the place my sister is sleeping in is not too shabby...which got me really interested as to what exactly a sleep study is and how it is conducted...i hope it does solve certain sleep issues for my sister.

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