Saturday, January 21, 2006


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Had dinner a couple of hours ago at Kamameshi House! Hmm...yes the one located at the QC monument. Delicious! Well, but kinda of expensive...7 pieces of sushi for 330 pesos?! HUH?! what the! Someone could have eaten at Saisaki and got more than that. OH well, my mom paid for it anyway. And...I liked their kamameshi as well as their ebi much for diet

Thank God for eee25 exam! I am just so thankful to God for helping me make it through...I wasnt exactly having a high morale when I took the exam, and not exactly a low one either...Just the right amount. I was even sort of feeling carefree when I took the exam. A very similar experience to qualification exams for MTG and MTAP back in highschool...and they sort of turn out for the, Thank God. Prayers do work.

Got my dog alot earlier than I expected. The dog arrived last night! That's why I wasnt really able to review too well for the exam for eee25...haay...I love that dog. Cute like me. Hates to sleep with the lights on. Etc Etc. Hahaha...

Drawn together is on right now. I love that show! Adult humor has never been as entertaining...hahaha...pikachu just sew a tv. ahahhaha! Hahahah! I love JackTV!

oh well...ohh yeah, some people have been asking me if i wanted to run as EEE rep...bakit kaya arise wala pang nagoffer? hehehe...baka di ako mukhang "arisian" i told one that I plan to run as eee rep on my 5th year here in UP. Fincom head is what I think is right for me for this coming school year.

Next week, too much to do. EEE 23, eee 103 exam! Damn it! Must study harder...Oh yeah, I have to get some stuff for my dog...

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