Friday, January 13, 2006

I'm nobody's party pooper.

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Hehehe...prepare yourself tipz. I just finished doing the most part of the assignment for eee23. Wow. That was a lil bit tough at the start. Thank God I recalled most of the lessons I had in Math sure was needed there.

Anyway, how did I fare so far for this semester?
I would have to say...average...but with very much potential to be excellent. I dont want to sound cocky or anything...but really...everyone has that much potential. Certain factors will inhibit you not to do so...and for my part...

I really believe that my personality to have a strong sense of pessimism in most things can really be a downer. That's an added resolution, I promise to myself that I will become more positive in the outlooks I have, whether they may be in acads, family, whatever, you name it. I just hope that I can keep true to this resolution. It is life changing hehehe.

Okay, getting on...I now am a certified Obessive compulsive. When I looked at my room before I started studying etc etc...I felt a strong impulse to clean everything up because my room was just not classifiable as a study there I went about...fixing my stuff...and found myself consuming about 30-45 minutes of my time getting things in order...I wish being OC will be for the better...Hmm...what made my room a mess anyway....? hummmmm...nevermind.

Also, if ever I forgot to mention, I've already bought myself a desk calendar...Man, it's huge. But I found it really useful. With it, accompanied by my Cellphone (calendar function), I really do hope that my time management will be way better than what I had from last year...

Other stuff:
1) Though I made a promise to myself, erm, more like a resolution, that I would be less materialistic...This is one thing that I am having a hard time getting over. I mean, what the...! I am already looking for a brand new gadget to buy! I am having this strong impulse to buy myself a Palm T|X or Palm Tungsten with Wi-Fi...hmmm...though I wont be able to make so much use for it...Argh! Got to resist this impulse! Must concentrate on other things...Must think of the Laptop that's coming around March...must resist...

2) Man, Im getting stockier by the minute! I hate this! Hehehe...I am already expecting quick results from my newly adjusted low calorie intake. Must remind myself that it took me about 6months to a year to lose 10kilos...Well, I had ROTC days back then...and I commuted...Hmm...maybe I should stop using the car...I mean, I'm already so close to UP.

3) IRC. open for application. Thanks ate may for informing me! "Talaga tong si Idol ang bait bait!" hehehe, just to flatter you, I had a talk with some of my friends...your orgmates as well, and you're one of the 3 people we'll miss the most from the females of batch 01! Ate elma is also one of them...and...erm...ate fil and ate liz will have to be tied at third. =p OH MAN! Ate dyan din pala! hehehe well, 4th nalang. (Ops! Di ako sumisipsip...totoo yan!)

4) I finished managing the desk calendar...and MAN! Grabe! I will not be stress free until february...err wait. I dont think I will be stress-free in such a long time...Baka hanggang MArch pa! Oh no!!! I'll crack for sure...For the coming weeks, I have to read for eee 25, eee 23, physics 103, eee 103...I will also have to practice solving some problems for those 4 subjects as well! Buti nalang I have Comm 3 for some breathing room. I love comm 3! especially my professor...Ma'am TP! You're the best! Walang antok antok sa class niya sa sobrang enjoy! Trust me on this one. If you're planning to take comm3, take ma'am Teressa Paula De luna!

5) Hmm...lastly...My sister is already leaving by the 27th of January! Oh no! Madalas ko pa naman yung awayin pati sungitan...Must make it up to her...hehehe...nakikita ko na yung mga nasa movie na magkapatid na madalas magtalo ehehheeh...Hmm...Albergus seems like a nice place to treat her and my mom to...mura eh...Note to self...treat them either this saturday or the next (After eee25 exam.)

---ay...ang bilis ko na talagang magtype! hehehee... no tingin tingin or tuldok tuldok...hehehehe...naamaze lang ako kasi nung tinuturan palang kami nung gradeschool ng teacher namin I recall myself saying..."Ano ba to! Ang hirap magtype ng hindi tumitingin or hindi nalang tuldok tuldok method..." and lo and behold! Grabe ang bilis ko na magtype...ehhehehe...gusto ko lang ishare...

---eto rin ishare ko...ang galing dun sa main lib...yung 2 stores on the opposite ends...magkapatid pala yung mga ate amy pati si...err...nalimot ko na...suki pa naman din ako run...

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