Thursday, January 19, 2006

stepping up.

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During the my last update I realized, but for whatever reason I dont know of, that now would be the right time to reach higher grounds.

I have decided as the next Finance Committee Head of Circuit...given that bleep bleep bleep bleep..

sorry the bleep bleep part is totally unsure of yet. but other than that...yes...I feel I am ready.

I even made plans for my fifth year in UP. I said to myself...why not IECEP president. LOL> but sadly since there exists power sharing between circuit and just wont happen...well...we'll see...we'll see what opportunity arises from the experience I shall gain.

I know that it will be very hard. Especially more so since I seriously plan on graduating on time. That would be give or take that I don't fail any more subjects. But failing will be no issue for me. I know that I can make it. Duh. Another 23 experience is not welcome.

Oh well, time to get things started. Time to start studying for eee23 and eee 25.

Oh yeah, last night. yes about exactly 24 hours ago. We were at Pauee's place and partied. ehhehe...can't say no more. Other than...Thank God only 4 of them got wasted. Hahaha. We wouldnt have been able to handle any more.

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