Tuesday, January 10, 2006


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dull. Life's becoming boring for me...NOT!

Anyway, last week has been so stressful. Even since the holiday break, I think I have posted that I've done almost nothing but study. Yes, Physics103 could have that effect on you. And, right after that physics exam, I was to face studying my EEE 103 exam. Here's my humble opinion with regards to those two:

Physics 103. The exam was fairly easy if you studied. But me...yes I think I did fairly well, 'cept miss one problem that was worth 20 points. FUCKING carelessness. I hate it. Bullshit. I forgot to get the squareroot of one part so i got the square of the velocity. For the other part, the transverse velocity, I fucking added a 2 for the area of a circle. so now i had 2pi(r)^2 Damn it. I just hope sir tumlos will be willing to give out partial points. Damn it. 

But wait, I have to be satisfied though. EEE103 has better news.

EEE103. The exam would be fairly hard. The objective type and essay were...erm...damn! I cant even find the right words to say. It was just...challenging. Other friends would have skipped the parts that they didnt know of. But me...ahahah...I made up some answers thinking that I might get some grace from sir Ivan. I just hope so. But then comes the problem solving part which would amount to 70 points. I think I "aced" that one...assuming that the people I compared answers with after the exam got it correct as well. hahaha...ASSUMING.

Anyway, I really hope I have remedied the low morale that I have been experiencing before and a bit after the physics exam...and also I hope I have remedied and have stopped the trend that was developing for my first exams. Sigh....first came eee 25. thank God I passed that one! Seriously, for other readers out there...I didnt get a 90+ on it. trust me. on this one. I have been humbled. Then for eee23, I just hope that i get something that's like above 70 or something.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention...what have I dont to remedy the situation? Well, I pep-talked myself into it. Hehehe, and asked for God's help as well. Hehehe It was this one night...It was like I was the athlete and God was the coach type or something like that.

What a must be getting tired of this...

so let me get on to saying.

I know some people have formulated a list of like resolutions or something. But I dont think I ever made one last year and I dont plan on making one for this year. I just have a few things that i would like to happen for this year.

1) continue my success in oral hygiene- I recall that last november 2005, I barely touched the floss with toothpick end thingie. But now, I have almost gone through my supply. Yes folks, I floss everynight and floss whenever I get the opportunity to floss after eating. Hahaha. I just love my set of teeth!

2) continue my progress in getting physically fit - If you happen to pass by UP during sundays at about 7pm...Look out for me =p I'd make it a habit to go there and jog at that specific time. But...why so late? I believe that I prefer that time because there are less cars, so less smoke (a sarcastic laugh from anyone?) also less people. Heheh, I am not anti-social or anything but...I just noticed that many people stare...well, those who jog as well..."kaya pati tuloy ako napapatingin din sa mga nagstare sa akin. nyek."

3) Probably one of my more important resolutions is...Stop thinking about others...whatever they may think or say of you. I think this was the worst trait I had last year 2005. It just starts getting so distracting...Haay...I just hate the fact that I must have been raised this way...So self conscious. Argh! I hate it. I probably is because I pressure myself too much with my own self expectations and others' expectation as well. Anyway, I think I managed to accomplish this during my EEE103 exam. I "zenned" the distraction away! ahahhaha seriously. Wait, it may not have been clear. Let me site an example...erm...of how my mind usually works when taking the exam. "Concentrate concentrate then a thought pops up...(usually in Tagalog) Will I get the highest score among us friends. They expect me to get good grades..." HAhahaha...Fuck right? Damn it, I dont even know if I do think that cause I dont. The thought just surfaces and...anyway next.

4) Another of my resolution is repentance of the mistakes and faults I did last 2005. I repented. I asked for redemption. zip.

That's it for my blog entry.

Oh yeah, I finished the 3rd book of Artemis Fowl. Luckily It was not heavily dependent on the second book. I bought it in the wrong order. I skipped the second one thinking that the one I bought was more exciting...ahahha...but stupid me...It's a series...though it's not really obvious since they dont put the usual roman numeral after each like HP1 HP2 whatever.

School bout to start. Got to get going. WAIT! IM ALMoST LATE. Haay...I guess I'll have to take a cab...<- what I also want to stop doing...change for the better! Dont make being tardy an excuse to use the cab! If I had less money I dont think I would...??? Resolution 6? Hehehe of course not!

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