Friday, November 3, 2006

excited for the sem to come

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yes! finally grades are released!!! wohooo!!
CS ako!!! Yesh! 1.66 average...astig!
whew. sayang lang talaga yung 41...boohoo...oh well...some things will be compromised whether you like it or not...whether you did your best or not.

Bio 1 = 1.75
EEE 41 = 2.25    -> compromisedEEE 43 = 1.75
EEE 42 = 1.75
EEE 44 = 1.75
ECE 121 = 1.00
EEE 107 = 1.5

and so the sem has ended...i just finished buying the stuff i want for this coming semester. bagong style of taking notes hehehe...
the stuff i bought...mainly made up of:
1) clipboard
2) intermmdte pads
3) accordion (? - did i get that right -?)

and...that's it. hehehe...napansin ko kasi parang nung last part ng last sem eh tinatamad ako magsulat sa na ako gagamit ng notebook. scratch notebook nalang siguro.

hmm...excited na ako for the sem to come...kasi if that sem comes....that will be the ultimate test of "balance" as in balance in acads, extracurricular activities, social life, problems etc'm quite excited to see how things will turn out for talk about the fact that when next sem finishes...then summer ng 6 units of ge then my second to the last sem (190) and then my last sem with 9 units (198 and 113)...then graduation!!! woohooo!!! I do hope things turn out well for me...i am still clinging on "hope" that i will graduate with honors...

here's what I computed so far, the computation are based on assumptions on what grade i will get after considering the difficulty and quite possibly the load i will have for next sem,summer and the sems to come.

Stat 1011.25
ECE 1411.75
EEE 512
EEE 521.75
EEE 1052
EE 2751.25
PI 1001.5
CE 221.5
1st sem 2007-2008
ECE 1901
COE 1151.75
EEE 532.25
EEE 541.5
ECE 1971.5
ECE 1531.5
last sem!
ECE 1981.25
ECE 1131.75

heeheh...Grade conscious ba? hehehe hindi naman...ganyan lang talaga pag nagaambition hehehe...
do pray for me...

i guess...ayan muna...back to playing ps2!

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