Saturday, November 11, 2006


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classes started. and...for this sem, i will be taking up a class scheduled at 7am...ce22...pero sinabi ko na kakayanin ko yan.

my sched will be fun. on mondays, my only class is scheduled 6pm-9pm. then thursdays, i will be busy with 52 830-1130...and so most of my major subjects will be on tf...

kanina, my mom and i went to tutuban. as always, napagod na naman ako...dinner at via mare...pwede na. pero sa tingin ko mas sulit sa pancake.

two nights ago, rose and i watched the prestige. astig! i should probably get myself a copy of it in dvd...

and...finally...ang brief ng entry noh...

december 20 will be my flight to hongkong. i will be spending my christmas abroad...then probably on the 26th or 28th, i will head to china (from hongkong) to spend the new year in china.

the plan: some of my cousins will be accompanying me to hongkong on december 20 then i will be meeting my parents on the 26th/28th in china... least i have something i am looking forward to....after engg week and all the stress...

oh. i do hope i still get good grades for this coming semester...i consider most of the instructors "terrors" and to name a few:
escoto, uy, angangco (because of his expectations), doc m (because im uncertain of how the exams will be)...that's 12 units.

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