Monday, November 6, 2006

kumokoment pa rin

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ah bahala ka. if you make it a point to make me part of your life, it's your life.

-ang journal na to ay nagsisilbing paraan para mabasa ko in the (near) future ang estado ng aking pag-iisip/maturity. kung gusto mong makisakay, bahala ka. 

as, i have stumble!-d upon
i found:
"We should be too big to take offense and too noble to give it." - abraham lincoln

im learning.


just had my picture taken for our China visa application. i do hope that the plans push through. pangit nga lang yata yung tentative plan. we go there after christmas pa...then attend the wedding of my cousin in china on december 31...hmm...fireworks came from that's one thing i am excited about. plus talk about the preparation that has been laid out...surrounded by the culture that makes up half of who i am.

my proposal to make the vacation even better: go to hongkong first then china next hehehe...the only thing is, my mom said if i did go on ahead, i will be spending it (christmas)...well...not with them...but with my relatives in hongkong...hmm...i so wanted to spend the christmas away from the philippines.


nakakatuwa kanina sa hypermarket...naiinis kasi mom ko sa system na ginawa yung cashier din yung to see for myself the reaction of other people behind the line...i watched other people that went before us raise their eyebrow while the cashier processed our bill. hahaha natawa ako run. tapos naisip ko the people who work at sm experience fulfillment?

ewan ko lang...if other people try to live their life to the fullest...and always aim and strive to live their life feeling fulfilled...paano yung mga taong hindi yun naattain?

then...siguro irelate ko nalang ngayon yung napagusapan namin ng mom ko several days ago...sabi kasi ng mom ko, becasue we know of someone na yung family, di naman pinili maging mahirap pero naghihirap because of circumstances that have occured (like yung father in law nung kilala ng mom ko, di na bumalik from working abroad kasi may family na abroad...) tapos sinabi ng mom ko, nakakaawa raw ang mga mahihirap sa pilipinas kasi di na sila umaasenso...paano sila aasenso kung di sila nakakapagaral? eh kung sasabihin niyo mag working student paano sila mag trabaho kung di naman sila makahanap ng trabaho?...tapos sinabi ko naman sa mom ma, sabi naman sa news, tataas na yung laban ng peso against the dollar (too bad for us nga lang...but hopefully better for others) so that would mean more money (hopefully) for the education etc etc...pero sabi ng mom ko...makukurakot lang dad, my mom...they both lost faith in this country. too bad.

i dont know if i should follow suit or not. oh next my last year (hopefully)...i get to figure it out.


recent commercials that amused me:
1) bailey's new commercial...the one with the ice thing and the talk about " i just wanted your drink to be colder" or something sort of like it.

2) lacoste commercials. the first one the one with the pink caught my attention...but the new one...the girl with the...uhm...hahaha...i can't recall the color of the dress she was wearing...pero yung sort of jingle...haha...dun ako na lss.


engg week coming soon! hahaha...tsk tsk.

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