Wednesday, October 18, 2006

me? high profile?

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Okay, so i just finished talking with my dad over the phone....and most of the things we talked with regards to my trip to davao.

"Don't be high profile."

That's one of the lines that stuck to my mind. My dad told me that there are dangerous elements in davao so I should be careful...He also told me not to look for expensive stuffs (?)...He also told me to try and blend in with the people...

So...again, I was thinking (?)...does my dad think i'm an eyesore? I mean, I stand out? Hmm...I never really thought that people thought of me that way. We're not exactly rich rich. I belive my family lies more on the middle middle class to upper middle class. But not rich. NOPE.

Rich for me is being able to afford 100% of one's needs and 75% wants. So...that's not exactly where I lie...

Anyway, the underlying message, as I was able to decipher was that, "Be extra careful, baka may masamang mangyari sayo..." -> makikidnap ako sa davao kaya mag-ingat ako?

Haay...I don't know why people think of me that way...

Anyway, here's my thought regarding that ever so condescending issue.
I act the way I do...I mean my demeanor is the way it is because of kinder 1 and 2, grades 1 to 6 and high 1 to high 4 worth of years in a private school...Makati Hope Christian School...where sons and daughters of people who live in dasmarinas and forbes etc etc studied. So there. I am not saying that I dont act the way I do, because quite frankly, how I act is really who I am...after many years of exposure to such environment.

And with regards to looking for expensive stuff...well, siyempre naman I look for those things at the right places. I wont do something just so that I could stand out....But I do have to admit, I have a taste for the expensive...Hmm...siguro dahil pag mas mahal, ibig sabihin mas onti kung onti mas makakabili, mas onti ang may pag mas onti ang kapareha, mas rare and chance na may makapareha ka sa daan ng suot or something...but I dont do that to stand out. It's more of a question of identity.

And...blending in with people? Hmm...I can do that! Eh sinasabihan na nga ako ng mom ko and some friends na paminsan pag pumapasok ako sa school naka pambahay daw ako dahil sa nakatsinelas and naka shorts. hehehe. But I dont make any effort to wear those stuff. So, I guess I blend in.

Haay...hehehe, naput on the defensive side tuloy ako regarding issues that concern me.
-hmm...hindi naman siguro denial of the obvious to...kasi hindi naman siguro lahat ng tao iniisip kidnapable ako.


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