Thursday, February 7, 2013

CH152: New Kind of Fun

CP and I will be off to Malaysia over Chinese New Year, and here I am in the office trying to fight off a cold. Trip is not really planned out - no hotel reservations etc yet. The plan was to try and go at it ala backpack style. Just have the money ready and go at it! Rough idea on activities to do and places to visit will be: Genting Highlands, Sunway Lagoon, Petronas and drop by Melacca on our way back.

In other news, since we're on alcohol restriction (which is saving me a lot of money! like 300-400 sgd per month), we've been putting our energy to better use. Aside from going to the gym, our weekends have been spent going out for movies, shopping, going for a swim and playing billiards (and recently bowling). I never really liked playing pool before. I think growing up and seeing the crowd hanging around the places turned me off from trying to learn the sport. Add to that how my brother got into it, and growing up I didn't want to do activities where I will be foreshadowed.

So, I've been playing pool the past weekends with CP, and I think I'm hooked/addicted to it. There's so much to learn still though, I think I've only played 12 times so far (each weekend having 3/4 plays) and prior to us trying the sport, I've only played maybe 3/4 times before ever. 2 of those games were from highschool when a pool place opened near my school. I've been on a losing streak though. It's frustrating to lose but fun since it's with CP.

To put an end to losing - well, we tried out bowling last Sunday in Marina Square - and I won 2 rounds out of 3. And to make the win more of an official and not just a by chance thing - we summed up our scores and with the overall sum, I still won. It wasn't as much fun playing bowling though since we did it after we lifted weights and did our gym session with Body Pump.

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