Saturday, February 23, 2013

CH155: Dust

To say the least, we have about reached our conclusions.
The world continues to move.
Time, the faithful assassin, creeps on.

Today, we went out with nothing in particular planned. We first went to West Coast Park thinking we could just go and cycle around the park. But, apparently, the place sucks and does not have any bicycle rentals. I suggested we just head off to Vivo City. That way I could buy new underwear, some socks, and a shirt and shorts I can use for today and tomorrow given that I didnt pack any overnight stuff.

We cycled leisurely around Sentosa - went to Sentosa Cove and enjoyed the scenery and the beautiful houses in what I would say is one of the most expensive places to live in. We even went and biked up a mountain path all the way to where people went down on zip lines. I would say that RPM lessons in Fitness First in a way did prepare me for that challenge. Nothing will compare though to the difficulty and challenge in the Pulau Ubin bicycle trails (CH151: Pulau Ubin Bike Challenge).

After cycling around, we decided to stop by and laze by the beach side in Azzura Beach Club - to get some sun and swim by the beach/pool. Almost through the day, we argued - and argued.

In conclusion and summary I write a haiku.

Emotions at high.
Amidst the billowing dust
We have walked away.

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