Thursday, February 14, 2013

CH153: SG-KL-Melaka-KL-SG

As was mentioned in my last entry (CH152: New Kind of Fun), CP and I decided to go to Malaysia over the Chinese New Year. And man, was it hectic!

CP went over to my place around 8pm Friday evening as the bus company is just opposite my block. CP watched Argo on my laptop while I took a nap, I was still feeling bad from my cold. It was disorganized to say the least and the bus company was not prepared for the flood of people leaving. Lots of shouting, some delays, etc.

I thought it will be quick to get out of immigration of SG and MY. But I was wrong. The bus was in queue to get to immigration of MY for 1 hour 30 minutes. We were just sitting in the bus waiting for nothing and we haven't even left the Singapore border! It was also severely disorganized and messy at the MY side. We couldn't find our bus! We were able to find out eventually, that our bus left with other passengers (from same company) waiting after immigration. We were assigned to a different bus eventually (with Lazy boy seats - much better than the ones we were on).

Our itinerary was:
Feb 9 SG-KL-Hotel Hunting-Genting Highlands-Jalan Alor Food Street
Feb 10 Checkout-Hotel Hunting-Sunway Lagoon-Petronas Twin Tower-Chinatown (Petaling Street)
Feb 11 Checkout-Pubu Sentral-TBS-Melaka-Hotel Hunting-Tour
Feb 12 Tour-Checkout-TBS-SG

I won't go into the details of the experiences per itinerary, but of note, a backpack style was delayed on the first day as CP and I checked in to Concorde in KL - a 3/4 star hotel to off set the gruelling experience of immigration and bus ride.

We were duped as well in Melaka to go back to TBS (KL bus terminal). Apparently, all the tickets going to SG and Johor Bahru was sold out that day. The queue in TBS was also CRAAZZYYY! A lot of people were there sitting on the floor, and people were saying all the tickets going to JB and SG were sold out and the earliest you can leave is 10PM!!! We arrived from Melaka in TBS around 3:30pm. In a stroke of luck or an angel looking after me, despite a work colleague telling me that the e-kiosk for tickets was sold out for all, I found a ticket leaving for Singapore at 5PM! I got CP and I the last tickets in the bus and the earliest one to leave as well.

So, now, pictures galore!

I beat CP in Archery!
suggestive Cable car number we got on

Jalan Alor food street fireworks

More Pics in Melaka!

Crazy queues in TBS terminal