Saturday, March 31, 2007

Worst feeling ever...EVER

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so, the third exam of eee 51 has come to an end. so...that just leaves me with one last exam left - ece 141.

and know that feeling when everything is just so tense that you just want to puke or something to make yourself feel better. similar sensation going on right now with me.

eee 51 ended. i would have aced the exam had i achieved the most commonest of common sense to think that a pmos is ON when the input is a logic 0. i had answered the problem thinking that it was the other way around. I HAD DRAWN THE GRAPH THAT PROVED THAT MY INITIAL BELIEF WAS WRONG! Shet talaga. If I had aced that exam, then my grade in 51 would have come between 1.5 and 1.25...pero shet talaga tang-ina. nakakainis....lalo pa tuloy akong natensiyonado.

Iniisip ko na...isang summer nalang...matapos ang summer na yun...malalaman ko na kung cum laude standing ako or hindi...ayun nalang talaga eh...kaya sobrang gusto kong magsuka or basta hindi makalma sikmura ko dahil sa kakaisip.

lalo pa akong nabwibwisit kasi hindi ko maiwasan na wag isipin yung mga WHAT kasi tapos na eh...what's done is done, just learn from it and move on...pero ako...hindi ko magawa eh. THE DRIVE IS SO MUCH STRONGER THAT I'D RATHER WALLOW IN WHAT IF CIRCUMSTANCES - DELUSIONS...

shet talaga...kelangan ko ng pagsipagan ang pag-aral ng 141...shet talaga...sana hindi maging dahilan ang PMOS na yan para mawala lahat ng mga expectations ko...sana lang talaga...sana lang talaga mas may tiwala pa ako sa sarili pero...ang hirap eh...

shet talaga. sana matapos na ang summer classes para malaman ko na ang kalalabasan ng lahat...sana...sana...

sana man lang maagang regalo yung assurance na yun sa birthday ko...hahaay...


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