Wednesday, March 14, 2007

what goes around.

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ever since ive seen the video of justin timeberlake's what goes around comes back around with scarlette johannsen...
i've been obsessed in listening to it...and the track runs for about 7 minutes...for the whole day today, i've played it on my ipod 20 times more or that's how many minutes all in all? not even a bit exhausted from listening to it. more more.

anyway, this post will tackle most of the things that i want to be doing for my almost last year that's coming really really soon.

1. capoiera - ive seen it - jaw dropped with awe. been actually looking for some school or gym or whatever that offers lessons. then i forgot about it. then the want to actually try it out surfaced upon reading about it over someone's blog. hehehe...let's not name the person. it's almost to the extent of stalking but not quite because there's no ill intent.

2. tennis - just because i know it's fun and because i need to get into some sport. and...because...i want to get into shape. and maybe a way of being able to actually start kicking the habit. who knows...i might end up liking tennis over needing "it"

3. time management - this year has seriously been the worst time management year for me. and...i need to reevaluate myself to actually get a head start on fixing this aspect of my life. i'm going to need it more than ever for next year if i wish to earn myself the most anticipated prize ever...but...this could mean goodbye on console gaming? and other time wasting this laptop and all its multimedia content...and the tv in my room...oh no!

(4) - - - - - an aside, i just saw the news on this live fire in pasay city which crisped 200 houses down to ember...and it showed a footage of people actually getting water from an open sewage track....and there was this one guy who was over the whole (he had his feet pushed against the walls of the opening) and he was in charge of dipping the pails into the sewage water to fill them up...and along the minutes/seconds of the footage it (the sewage water) splashed him all over his space and i was like....ugh... anyway - this will serve as an intro to my opinion on metro manila's urban planning sucks big time! especially sa mga squatters area - i wish the government had more control on those land that if ever there's fire, the alleys or whatchamacallit will not be too narrow for firemen to walk through.....AND....this very discriminating thought (not mine though, i just saw through it) or opinion has just surfaced.

"I just realized that whenever I hear news on some wild fire in a squatters area I don't hear the reporters or journalists reporting on how much was lost in terms of money. I don't know if it's just me but when houses or other estates or anything that's not established on squatted land I always hear them saying how much money was lost. (or maybe the hearing is just in my head)."

4. acads and lab - i have plans on these two things...but i need to further improve myself on this matter by fixing up #3. but as an aside to the present...i really really really really hope that everything turns out okay for me this semester. i mean...i got some hope when i got my ece 141 first exam....eee105 first exam also brought me hope - i passed the first exam!....hmmm what else...i don't know...things seem closer to ending now that ee275 is just a snatch away from over.

5. mad partying - comment.

6. independence and freedom - now, after four years of being in should i say it...ready to retire? as i had a conversation with a friend once before...i've already decided to leave my 5th year room for "soul searching" or uhm...exploring life so that I know to where I wish to head to after... I mean...this is life we are talking after college is something I wish to prepare for. I have huge ambitions and I don't think preoccupying my mind with extracurricular activities will help me achieve those goals...In short, it will basically be me - having more time to myself...which...hahaha...could lead to problem number 3. time management. but...if my plans on having a sport goes well, then, that would answer that question..

and...hahaha time management!!! better stop now.

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