Wednesday, July 9, 2008

CH09: P****G **A Moment

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Before anything. Please read my previous entry for other updates. =)

So yesterday, (July 8, 2008) I decided out of the blue to meet up with a friend at 7-11 Visayas - to return a DVD I borrowed...but sadly never had the time to watch. =(

So I was sitting there in 7-11 drinking my Slurpee when 3 policemen came in (they got a cup of free drink courtesy of 7-11...)

The woman at the counter immediately spoke...

<Woman@counter>: "Kuya, tamang tama! May ipapablotter po ako sa inyong lalaki -"
---The woman was cut short by one of the policemen.

<PutangInangPolice>:(Fucking points to me and says)"Sino? Ito ba?"

                -------I WAS IN MY OFFICE ATTIRE
"Putang inang police yun!" 
He said it like he meant it. After he said it...I was expecting him to look at me and smile...and say "Hehe, Joke lang po SIR."


The woman at the counter proceeded to tell them that the incident happened in the afternoon...blah blah blah.

The point of this entry being...and what was going through the rest of my mind while waiting for my friend to arrive to get the DVD...
What if the woman at the counter "ay tinopak at sabihin. OO! SIYA PO!"


Since I've played the events in my mind...
1. I'll call my mom to help me settle things.
2. I'll get that woman suspended from 7-11. File charges / Sue her (I'm not sure of the charges - but I'm sure my mom will know. My mom working in court and all...)
3. I'll get that suspended from PNP and file charges as well.

Whew. "relax lang..."
PS: defamation charges...I think that's what I could file <IF EVER>

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