Saturday, December 31, 2011

CH56: 2011 + 1

When I initiated a photo challenge with my close friends through FB, there was this particular challenge to have your photo with 13 things. I thought it was such a give away to pick out 13 random things and have my photo taken with them, so instead, I decided to create a list of 13 things that I was able to accomplish for my 25th year living in this world.

Where now, in retrospect, I figure, they might as well be resolutions attained for 2011:
Below is the list I was able to make:
1. Be intellectual! - Read >5000 pages c/o George Martin in more or less a month
2. Be soulful! - LOL. Went on a vacation to Rayleigh Krabi TH by myself
3. Be selfless! - Gave my nephew, brother and sister in law an iPad
4. Be independent! - Learned to live by myself here in SG
5. Be responsible! - Learned to do laundry and iron my clothes
6. Be driven! - (Let the career speak for itself hahaha joke-halfmeant)
7. Be adventurous! - Swam in an open ocean with my close friends. I have a fear of swimming in waters where I can't see too far. My heart thumps expecting a shark to come out of nowhere.
8. Be emotionally strong! - (Anong homesick homesick?! That's not my cup of tea!)
9. Be fearless! - Climbed muddy and slippery rocks to get a good view on top of a limestone "mountain" in Rayleigh Krabi TH
10. Be wiser! - Learned to negotiate contracts hehehe
11. Be brave and overcome a trauma! - Yes, I was traumatized being denied a visa to the US because I was in IT and a fresh grad. NZ visa is my deliverance!
12. Be flexible! - Or at least be a bit more flexible - thank you yoga.
last but not least
13. Be healthy! - LOL!!! Lost 9-10 kgs in ~3 months

And of course, overcoming a fear of heights and doing a bungy jump will be added to the list.
I'm still thinking through with regards to what resolutions I could make up to accomplish for 2012, but so far the only ones I've thought of are:

1. Travel more
2. Earn more

2012 - in my opinion should be more than what 2011 is in all aspects. That's what I think resolutions are ultimately about. Becoming more than what we are the past year. I've never bothered in the past years to make a detailed list of what I want to and need to accomplish. I've come to figure out that as long as I continue to live (consciously) to better myself, then the resolutions should follow along.

Sadly, one of my ultimate goals for 2011 which is to skydive, has not yet been accomplished. During the days before and following my scheduled skydive date, the sky was pretty much overcast. The weather was too dangerous for a jump. So now, seeing that the weather forecast for today and tomorrow is clear, I hope to be able to book a jump. I can't get rid of the feeling of disappointment since my dive was cancelled last 29th of December. 

I should also be posting some guides to NZ travel soon after all the dust has settled (when I return to Singapore). 

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