Saturday, December 24, 2011

CH55: Bungyyyy

Slowly but surely, I'm on my way to overcoming my acute fear of heights!
Today, I jumped off a bridge for a 40m drop down to an ocean!

Here are some pics from the experience! :)

Super cool experience! I missed the first countdown to jumping. I had a fright attack when the countdown struck 0. SOO...I had to wait a little longer to jump because there was a boat coming through and we had to wait for it to pass. So, after everything was okay, they counted down from 5-0 and I manged to sort of leap off! It was so surreal and time went by so fast after the jump I couldnt remember if I jumped off or if I was pushed off. BUT the video outtake showed that I did manage to jump off myself. Well, not sort of leap off like how other people did, but hahaha, a hesitant leap thats why my knees are bent still after leaping off haha. Super worth it experience! Now, I can go to any site of AJ Hackett and jump off for a huge discount if I have my certificate to show. :)

I highly recommend the experience when you visit Auckland!

OH, let's not forget a realization.
Sometimes, you just have to take a leap off faith to know what you're truly capable of. :)
Or in Filipino, "Kung gusto may paraan, kung ayaw may dahilan." I think I was only able to really jump because I wanted to experience the jump and to some extent overcome my fear of heights :)

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