Saturday, December 17, 2011

CH54: New Zealand!

I've been in New Zealand since the 16th of December.
It's true what they say, if you have a family then New Zealand is a good option aside from Canada/Australia to migrate to.

It's very different compared to Singapore. The public transportation is not as established as it is in Singapore. So, noticeably, more people need to rely on cars and the development of the place(s) I have been to, is with that mind set in consideration.

Also, as progressive as New Zealand is, it's not as tech savvy I should say compared to Singapore. The wi-fi hotspots do not abound as much as you'd see like lets say for Manila or even Singapore. I've not bothered to turn on my 3G for fear of the roaming cost, plus, it's a way to get disconnected and enjoy the slower pace of life. So, I only get to surf and access the internet when I'm at home.

I've already taken more than 200 photos from my Iphone! I find it weird that for most of the pictures I've shot, there's no need to saturate the colors, because they are as how you see them, which I like!

Tomorrow, we visit the Auckland CBD, so I guess, it should provide me a better assessment of what it truly is like to be here in NZ. Suburban living and the small town feel is not yet for me.

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