Friday, December 9, 2011

[Repost] macho papa

I can't believe this post is almost 6 years old!
Has it really been that long since college?!
I miss my Comm 3 professor Teresa Paula De Luna. We had the same nickname TP.
I removed the comments I put in beside the characteristics mentioned. It sounded like the awkward-growing-up-me.

Comm 3, January 23, 2006. We had this sort of activity wherein you let your classmates write on a paper (sticked on to your back) the physical characteristics and inate traits (positive or negative) that they think you may have.

Some of the things that were written...i'll let you decide which are positive or negative:
sweet voice
smart looking 
nice hair
chinky eyes

wait! parang wala akong nabasa run na great smile...oh well...yung dentist ko na dentist din ng certain celebrities sabi niya maganda sobra ngipin ko eh ehhehe...that's good enough affirmation for me.

hmm...dont think that the activity bloated my just affirmed certain things i had in mind (grins.)
oh yeah...sabi ng comm 3 prof ko...hehehe...mas cute (she used the term pogi...but i prefer cute) raw ako sa mga koreano sa mga koreanovelas...hahaha...i agree i agree...i blushed in class...argh!

okay, im going back to studying...haay...Gringo is better! I love that dog.

oh yeah...i love this statement i used to comment on kel's post..."EEE WILL SCAR US FOR LIFE."

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