Thursday, December 8, 2011

CH49: On the ledge

The other day, I tweeted the following:

  • Accidntlly locked myself out. LOL. Had to jump to the ledge and go into my room through the window hahaha super exciting! 
  • Thank God we only live on the 4th floor
  • i forgot to mention that the distance from the condo's ledge to my window's ledge is about the same height as i am.  :p
 For some weird reason, i unconsciously locked my bedroom when I took a shower. Thankfully, I had clothes on me and  a towel when I went to the toilet. Otherwise, I would have performed my stunt with only a towel around my waist.

My initial reaction when I found out that I locked myself out was laugh. It was an absurd situation to be in. I didn't have my phone with me, and I just literally only had the clothes on my back. For a brief second, a hypothetical event flashed through my mind about spending the whole day without money and just walking about the condo, or even going out to Balestier road (where a lot of budget hotels are) and try to be a beggar for a day.

But, I snapped out of the daydream with the thought of having some activities lined up for work. Commitments that shouldn't be missed! So I went to the door of the landlord and tried to knock and knock hoping that they were still in and had their spare key with them. After realizing that they already left, I look through the toilet and see the window open (to let the steam out of the shower).

I knew then what I had to do.
I dressed up and went to my door and wore my slippers.
I looked out the window of the toilet and saw that I had to jump down a distance about the same height as my foot to shoulder.
I only had about two feet of width to stand on.
But weirdly enough, my usual scare of heights especially when I'm close to the edge without any railings didn't come through.
I walked the ledge to my room, opened the window, pushed myself up. 
As I didn't have any foothold to push myself up further through the room, I had to grab hold of my bed to have that grounding I needed to get through the window.

Seriously, I had a really good time doing it.
It reminded me of the adventure I had in Rayleigh (Thailand) where I climbed up and hiked through a mountain which was very muddy after the rain (mostly by myself, aside from the 1 or two foreigners I came across the muddy adventure).

I realized as well how much I've gotten stronger and fitter since I started doing yoga and swimming. I don't think I would have accomplished the same feat as effortlessly as I did if my body was in the same state it was in pre-June of this year (ahem. 84kg?! would you believe? now i'm around 70-71kg)

It also made me realize that when put in a situation of "must-do" - when you give yourself time to be reluctant and hesitant about doing it - then, well, most likely, you'll end up wasting time contemplating on things. It was quite refreshing "Just doing it." And this is where I will segue, yes, I must skydive when I go to NZ!

Coincidentally, the night prior to the event, I was entertaining the thought of locking my window after reading a Facebook status of my friend - about how someone was trying to get into her house by breaking off the window grills to her room. I was LOL-ing when I read that she scared off the would-be-thief by looking at the window and asking, "Sino yan?" 

It's Christmas time in our beloved Philippines.

If I had closed my window, then maybe I would have resorted to breaking off my door.

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