Monday, December 12, 2011

CH52: Trance

When I was still in college, while I was searching for new artists to add into my playlist, I happened upon Tiesto. I didn't understand it. I didnt like the feel. I didn't know how I can appreciate it without any lyrics.

Come Zoukout 2011.

Dancing for hours on non-stop. Not knowing the lyrics - as most of the tracks played didnt have any. Just the beat and its accompaniments that define what trance/house/electronic music is about.

Zoukout 2011 is one for the books of the best parties I've been to. It has got to be the first dance music festival I've gone to - I would categorize the usual February UP Fair as just a music festival. They have some reggae acts, but nothing like Zoukout.

Zoukout has also got to be the first "actual" (i.e. organized) beach party I've been to.

To tell you honestly, I think the movie Drive along with David Guetta set-off this cascading effect. I thoroughly liked the OST of Drive with its retro electro-pop tracks. From realizing my fondness of electro-pop tracks, I discovered Ladytron. David Guetta introduced me to what house music is all about. Although David's proginy Nothing But The Beat is a cross between House and R&B, he has some tracks that provided me an introductory course to what trance is about. In particular his tracks Lunar and Sunshine I would say are what got me into liking trance.

I've been pondering exactly what I enjoy about trance music - since you could say that I'm a newbie to this genre - and I realized that trance, as opposed to most of the other mainstream genres makes use of rhythms that focus more on getting your body moving.

Given that there are no lyrics to sing-along to, the rhythms force your body to move according to what feels natural for you, no more wondering if you got the lyrics right or if you are singing it correctly. It's not like the R&B, disco or whatever, where the dance/body movements feel and look better with choreography.

As the definition for trance music also states, the rhythms produced aim to have a hypnotic effect. Something like the Matrix, where the trance goers plug themselves into a different world. Or maybe another analogy is to have the trance goers link themselves as if with strings to the DJ to puppeteer them.

I started to appreciate trance more since it was enjoyable to dance to the beats without the influence of alcohol. It brought me a high - I can only imagine experienced by drug users. If it was anything, it was ecstasy. The feeling of getting high in music. Sweating hard with the crowd all around you. Losing your mind in the sound and actually forgetting about woes that you otherwise think of idly.

It's just too bad that I am only discovering it now. But then again, the trance music is still somehow underground in the Philippines. If I remember correctly, you will only be able to get your fix in the club in A-Venue? I'm not sure. I don't fully (as in 100% enjoy) the clubbing experience in the Philippines because I drive - and I sometimes drive my friends home. Nagging parents and effective ad campaigns can instill that in you. Be a responsible driver - not only for yourself - but for the people riding along. And it's not exactly enjoyable to go to the clubs using public transpo - even taxis. They're not as safe in the PH as in SG.

Which is why - I've added to my milestones before turning 30 "Go to Ibiza and experience trance in the trance capital!"

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