Wednesday, December 7, 2011

CH48: Missing the stress

Work rant:

I've been thinking about how stress-free my work is.
I tell my friends when they ask how I'm doing, and I tell them, I'm only exerting 10% or less of what I used to exert when I was working with IBM.

Well, it's not really fair to compare both considering that IBM was more of a support work with some projects and implementation works on the side; while here in Infineon, I'm more of internal focused more on Solution Manager.

I'm at the crossroad. The position I'm in would be a great position to be in if I was already thinking of settling down - and growing within the company. But, I'm not sure that's where I want to be in right now. The fixed work schedule is great to be honest. I get to swim, do the things I like doing. And there's not much 'work' excuse to say not to have fun.

But then again, is it right for me to be here right now? Or is it a matter of being too early?

Like I told my mom last night, I will have to think about it after I come back from NZ. After all, if I didnt move into the company, then I don't think I would have been allowed 18 days of vacation.

Yes, it might seem like I was only using the company to get what I want - but. hmmm.
To elaborate more on it - aside from not being stressed - I think that I'm not learning as much as I want to learn. It's more of my teammates learning from me. I wouldn't call it a parasitic relationship. They're great people to work with and I feel that I'm appreciated and I'm important to the team.

Although, what irks me is the fact that they are the "System Owners" of the SAP Solution Manager of the company - yet they have very little technical know-how on managing systems. They have almost no background prior to being system owners on how to handle and manage SAP systems. Solution Manager being a central aspect of the SAP landscape - well, it requires a degree of technicality in order to operate and maintain. Yes - that's where I came in.

But, sometimes - I feel like an actual consultant who is an "enabler" for the recognized system owners. So, yes, I feel like, they are getting all the spotlight etc. There was one instance where the sytem owner asked me to create some slides to update the colleagues in EU on the progress of our activities. I was under the assumption that I was the one who was going to present. But it turns out, he was planning on presenting it all along. He used the words I put in my slide. He used all my slides! During our meeting even - when he couldn't find the right phrase to use for his idea - he even asked me to help him come up with the right words to say?! Well, I opted not to. I just solved the issue he was having a hard time explaining.

So yes. right now, after I come back from NZ - my stand is pretty much 60-40 in favor of moving out. But, it's more of a matter of exploring other opportunities. It's like hook and bait. Just to see how much i can demand. I won't be jumping on any offer the instant they're offered. Job security wise - I'm secured here - unlike in IBM where there was a risk of being relieved given that the project was at an end.

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