Friday, December 9, 2011

[Repost] Love and Quantum Physics (reunited)

It seems I've forgotten my lessons in quantum mechanics. :(

For some strange reason (that is yet to be pinpointed out), I realized that, I don't really know the definition of love. ON that instant of realization, I felt that, love for damn AMBIGUOUS! I mean, come on, it's just so hard to tell if you are falling for someone deeply or it could just be puppy love or fling or M.U or crush or just plain and simple adoration for someone just because that person has the qualities that you look for in your partner.

YOU feel that feeling, but yet how can YOU tell if the feeling is real. Real Love. Shit. Hahaha, prattles of exhaustion (that's what i call my offline blog). OH yeah, getting on with the logic, "How can you tell that what you feel is indeed love if you are the one subjecting that feeling to scrutiny? Don't people have bias tendencies?"

If that is so, then the interpretation of the feeling may very well be "subjective" to some purpose or another.
Here are some examples that I thought of when I couldnt sleep (and still havent...but then decided to study physics 104 despite the exhaustion from today's work for fopc and now doing this)

1) Sex and Love.
How can you tell if you really LOVE someone when you are having sex? I don't know the answer to that question (Since I haven't really experienced sex. =p seriously.). But my conclusion was, you can never tell because it is extremely difficult to really say. For all you know, you may "FEEL THE LOVE" just because you wanted to find some outlet for the libido inside of you. For all you know, it is "SEX THAT YOU LOVE", but NOT the "PERSON YOU ARE HAVING SEX WITH."

2) Crush vs. Love
It's really hard to tell the difference as well. How can you differentiate the two? Doesn't the feeling called "crush" initiate the feeling called "love" when you cultivate that feeling by spending time and getting more understanding for that person you "initially had a crush on"? So how do you know if it's LOVE? What if...the feeling called LOVE was actually just "PROLONGED CRUSH" feeling? IF you agree that crush is the partriach of love, then when does the offspring love come about when you let "CRUSH AND TIME have SEX together?"

If that was your argument, what if CRUSH only had SEX with TIME just because CRUSH (referring to the feeling 'crush') enjoys the sex? Then what will you call the offspring. Is it still valid to call the product of CRush and Time, LOVE?

3) Frienship and Love.
How do you differentiate Friendship between love? Some people coin the feeling for "wanting to spend continuous time with a friend" LOVE. But what if you only want to spend that amount of time with a friend just because that friend is a good friend that you LOVE spending time with? But wait, I used the term LOVE for spending time. So let's use the term Like instead because as I first stated, Love is ambiguous. So what of it? If the feeling that you FEEL is INDEED LOVE, then LOVE WILL HAVE TO BE A FUNCTION OF TIME. LOVE "HAS TO" DEPEND ON TIME.

But what if Love takes the form of the WAVE EQUATION PSI? What should be the potential energy of Love? Does it even matter? But before getting to that, we must first question, IS LOVE INDEED DEPENDENT ON TIME?

What if LOVE was SPATIALLY DEPENDENT? (ie. some long distance relationships work and some do not. but is that relationship LOVE for each other to begin with?) Then the argument that Love depends on time is questioned.

So there comes the WAVE EQUATION PSI which relates the SPATIAL DEPENDENCY and TIME DEPENDENCY plus the POTENTIAL ENERGY of the WAVE called LOVE.

You can only understand the mechanics (wait, that's having a classical mindset)...let me reinstate that. You can only understand the PHYSICS of LOVE by using QUANTUM MECHANICS. The Spatial dependency and Time dependency of LOVE could never be explained in the classical mindset. That's why AMBIGUITY arises (because people don't know Quantum Mechanics).

1) DEPART from your CLASSICAL STATE OF MIND. ACCEPT THE INEVITABLE. ACCEPT THE EXPANSION OF TRUTH (the term truth here is of the ABSOLUTE TRUTH. Meaning, it is not relative to any particular INERTIAL FRAME of reference).

prattles of exhaustion update

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