Thursday, August 3, 2006

Updates V

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1) My brother arrived last sunday!
    Some things that happened during that day. Well for one thing, my mom and I had this deal or no deal experience...sort of. You see, when we ate our lunch at Kenny Rogers, the bill was 309 pesos...and coincidentally, when we were at the airport waiting terminal (At Jolibee) we ordered food and it cashed in at 309 pesos as well! hehehe...But that's not exactly the point of why I am telling you these stuff. First is if my mom or probably I join the game show, we would choose the number 12 for the sole reason that 3+9=12. Hahaha...But then the second point of why I am telling you these stuff: After eating at jolibee and my brother has already arrived...we ate at Pancake House! Shet! That's too much food for me that night!

2) Since my brother arrived, so many things have happened.
3) In the span of 3 days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
~ Monday: My brother has set up our sort of security camera.
~ Tuesday: My brother has set up the WiFi for our house. He already set up our PLDT myDSL connection to be "always connected" to the server and now it's connected to a router and then...our house now
has wireless internet!
~Wednesday: My brother has finished setting up the PC setup that he brought home.
What's with the setup?
a) Flat Screen monitor about 19 inch if you measure it diagonally.
b) A better CPU.
c) A way better keyboard
d) A way better optical mouse.
-------WAIT! I just realized...that all of them are ACER branded. Hahahah! Oh wait. 
e) I just noticed that he bought new CREATIVE speakers.
f) He also brought home his external hardrive...

I cant seem to decide right now if I would want to use my laptop more than I want to use this desktop....Astig!!!

With regards to other aspects of my life.
1) I've been listening to AIR SUPPLY quite a lot lately. Hahaha! Ever since I've downloaded it from Bittorent, I have been listening to no other artist 'cept them.
2) I really really really really need to put balance in my life. Hello acads? Knock knock. Well, balanced pa naman's just that siguro kulang lang ako sa vitamins.
3) Sumali kami nila Meiling, Chester, Virna and Randy plus Chrisitne sa Marketing Congress. Si Christine nag decide na ayaw niya officially sumali baka raw kasi di siya fully makapagcommit...hehehe...ano naman kaya ang magiging team name namin...tapos kelangan pa pala yung next na ipass....haay...
4) Masaya ang magiging mga kasama ko sa IRC. (narealize ko to nung interview...hehehe mabilis naman pala sila mapikasamahan...dati kasi parang may erg vs circuit pang centrism. Eh ngayon...I am slowly letting it go..Or maybe not that slow....)

ay may class pa pala ako ng 8:30. DI pa ako nakakaligo etc etc. hehehe GTG!

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