Monday, August 28, 2006


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First and foremost:
With regards to what our dear justice secretary has said about UP...I take no offense whatsoever. Actually, I totally feel adamant about it. If he may have over generalized the UP community, then whatever. But, let us not be blinded by our pride for being accepted here in the university. Let's not deny that there are some truths to what he said....though he may have exaggerated a tad bit.
I like him for his honesty and frankness and total impulsiveness. I mean, come on! hahaha! I don't think he even gives second thoughts to whatever comes out of his mouth.(Hahaha, parang ako! Kaya, I admit, I have no right to tell him evs.)

New word. Evs. I heard it from Rockstar Supernova. It's the aussie expression for whatever. hehehe. Which reminds me, I havent written down here how I love watching Rockstar Supernova. Astig talaga!

Anyway, right now, I can't seem to have days of worrying about nothing. It's like puro exams nalang and requirements the past weeks etc etc. straighten out the first sentence of this paragraph, there never seems to be a fleeting moment of ignorant bliss...the moment I actually try to relax and think of nothing, there's just always something to think about.

1) I think I am starting to develop mild scoliosis. My right shoulder is a bit elevated compared to the left one. But the weird thing is, I feel na mas mataas ung sa left. Anyway, I already brought this up to my mom and I shall be consulting a chiro sometime soon....maybe im  just sressed.

2) I seriously got turned off with how fitness first recruit members. I mean, come on?! They were so forward that I got turned off. My God, they even dared threaten us that if we dont avail of it that moment, they will ask us to pay a fee that's about 5 times more expensive (which is the standard price). FYI. We have the money...but sadly, you've pushed us to the point to reconsider the circumstance. well, that's my part. 

3) Went to divisoria once again! hehehe. ang saya. yun lang. pero parang mas tumaas ang taste ko ng konti. umonti yung stores na may nagustuhan akong gamit.

4) Food trip update! hehehe. alam ko na kung bakit ako kelangan mag gym! Hehehe. grabe! last saturday...niyaya ko sila mag sort of merienda (kasi mga 3 na yun) pero in fact lunch...punta kami sa avenetto sa visayas...hehehe grabe ang lalaki ng orders nila. sobrang affordable. better price to serving ratios compared to other italian pizzeria evs.  then nung sunday natin nag buffet pa kami hehehe! kaya tuloy bundat na bundat tiyan ko kanina!

5) Seriously, akala ko long weekend!!!! shet! nakakainis. nawalan ako ng mood pag kagising ko nung monday. (ay kahapon na pala siya base sa time ko)

6) Acad updates. naku! Di yata balance ang sem ko ngayon. huhuhuhu...I excel at some subjects a lot pero sa iba...norm lang yung progress...haay...gusto ko maging CS standing!!! Well, kaya pa...sana sana sana sana sana lang talaga....maka 1.25 or 1.00 man lang ako sa eee 107. dream ko na yun. please please please please Lord tulungan niyo ko...tapos sa ece 121 di ko pa mapredict ang maging outcome. handicapped kasi labas ko run eh...wala pa akong prior exposure to op-amps hehehe...madali lang naman pero kulang pa sa confidence kasi yung norm sa 121 lahat tapos na mag 51. haay... I so have to get over that intimidation...

7) Bakasyon bakasyon! hehehe ang sarap na iplano. haay...

8) I will really pursue siguro yung pag tutor next year. Yey! Money! hehehe...if not siguro mag hanap na ako ng internship or something. bahala na basta may pera! heheh pero siyempre di naman ako mag work sa fast food chains. tatawanan lang ako ng kuya ko hehehe. not that it makes someone less of a someone if they work at fast food chains pero siguro sabihin nalang natin na most likely pati mom and dad ko worth more. =p tsk tsk. talagang spoiled nga siguro ako. hahaha.

9) waah! naiinis na ako bigla sa likod ko hahaha. pag pumapasok sa isip ko parang gusto ko pantayin hehehe. as if i could. eh in the first place kung di ko nga siya napapansin eh medyo di siya pantay! so anong reference ko ehhehehe.

10) nakakatuwa talaga aso namin! hehehe Gringo na ang bagong baby sa bahay namin. hahaha. I so love that dog. pinapatulog ko nga sa kama ko habang may ginagawa ako sa study area like surf the net, study, evs.

11) ayun lang hahaha. ang saya talaga pag mabilis kang mag type. ang saya talaga pag walang problema. ang saya talaga. ayun lang. masaya. new friends, new people, new life. hahahah. that didnt make sense at all! well, for me it didnt.


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