Wednesday, August 16, 2006

One Good day

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The day started out nifty yet tolerable to some extent. I didnt know yet that it will be a great day.

-Went to 9:00am EEE 43 make up class. Incredibly, I sat intently for 2 hours and some more minutes and didnt even get bored!
-Went to IRC meeting, late, obviously, due to the EEE 43 make up class, but ended up learning that, I am one of the new SAs of IRC! Yes! hahaha, then it didnt really come as a shock to me to learn that I already have some other new stuff to do.

Oh yeah! Almost forgot to take note: (Tipz dont forget about this!)
1) Max size of board is 10x10cm.
2) Move pin outs a little farther from the microcontroller para mas madali
3) Study if the footprints or whatever you call it could be made better so that the components will be well stuffed.
4) Use the RX0 and TX0 for the microcontroller. UART0! UART1 is to be phased out! hahaha!

-hmm. i think that's most of it. (will be emailing this to gmail)

-After the IRC meeting, went to CS to eat. Man, that was expensive yet the quality was cheap. Talking about the CS Canteen service and food.
-Back to IRC to SERIOUSLY CRAM EEE107! I wasnt able to finish reading through the whole book! Still had 20pages to go so I just abandoned the book and referred to the slides.
----and fast forward to how things turned out: I think I did pretty well! Man oh man, IRC friends ahhaha! I love you guys! I super enjoyed the review session! I learned a lot! And, heck, most of the questions that came up in the exam, we were able to review. Wait, You can safely say that we were able to review more or less 60% of the exam coverage...=p Oh bliss.

Other things:
1=Enjoyed the marketing congress opening. The speakers were so good, I really really really did learn alot!
2=I just get this feeling that I became mature. Seriously, in so much aspect. I mean, when I hear some people talk about certain things or observe how people react or whatever, I sometimes say to myself, how immature. And I try to recall stuff and I end up thinking, been there done that. Shet! Sooner or later ako na ang pupulutan ng words of wisdom! Wowoweee. I am starting to love being 20 years old. And I thought during my birthday that it will just be like any other year or birthday or transition to whatever. But no, wisdom comes flowing in.
3=I love IRC, most especially the people I get to work with etc. Go team 98° Fahrenheit! hahahah.
4=I am so looking forward to when....=p Hahaha, it's too early to let you guys know. And it may affect the quality of the output you might expect.
5=Oh yeah, I have a bio1 exam tomorrow. I expect at least  a hundred slides to go through and so much more to memorize. I am only starting's 11am. And the exam is scheduled at 830am!
6= I must sit in Sir Hizon's class on Friday for eee41. I did not attend my eee41 class to study for eee107...and I have no regrets because my decision paid off.

What else...there are some other things to say...but I seem to have forgotten them...Maybe they're not that important. =p

Good night! Hustle bustle.
Ps: oh yeah, what I wanted to say was, okay lang naman sa bio1. Mas madali na magmemorize compared sa mag analyze. And, if you are wondering why i am studying this late as in late, well it's because I got home around 8, ate dinner, relaxed, watched tv and now it's eleven...damn! I missed out on CSI! Well, replays are sure to come.

pps: I just realized that I may have seemed too irresponsible in this post. I mean, by no means did I want to cram all of those stuff in (talking about 107). It just so happens that my room has become like a total R&R space. Ever since the wireless internet availability came up, ive been spending so much more time using my laptop. I mean, come on! Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is just far too good not to watch. Oh, it's the latest animation that i have been watching, and man! Is it a laugh! The commentaries and the narration are some of the things that I like about the anime, plus, I dont know, it's just interesting. Oh anyway, getting back, yes, Haruhi Suzumiya was one of the things that occupied my time. And, to get to my point, if I do spend much of my time slacking here at home, I compensate for it by arriving home late since I catch up on my studies over at the main library. =p hahah defensive! And, I ended up cramming the 20 pages because I had hoped to finish reading it, but ako kasi, im the type of person that doesnt want to move on until it is totally over with. Parang sa pagbabasa ko sa 107, ang hirap kaya intindihin nung book! sobrang daming concepts etc etc. Parang puro letters nalang sa dami ng variables equations ang lumulutang sa ulo ko at one point, kaya ganun ako kabagal magbasa. ahahha, lucky me, most the computations etc etc came from the chapters that I understood after having fully read and put to heart the text/book. Pero, big factor talaga yung study group namin sa IRC. Go Virna! Kahit nakatulog ka past the halfway point you made it through! Hope you get better soon.

ppps: I think my english has become so much better. hahaha. You see, when I was reviewing (-was- since im blogging right now) for bio1, I speak out loud to try to remember the things that I need to remember, and I start to form my own explanations or certain processes and concepts and not realizing that I have been speaking straight english. ahahah. Highschool training was good. Sad though, I realized it too late. I wasnt able to fully thank the teachers responsible for my proficiency (proficient siyempre kasi relative to other people in UP...hehehe). Pero siyempre self gratification should be present here. I have read quite a lot of books you know. I think the book count would have hit 50 books. Books that I bought for myself or...asked my mom to buy for me...because I thought I would love reading them. 50 more or less...and this count does not include the textbooks that I felt back then was somewhat of a forced reading material hahaha.

pppps: ayan, gising na ako hhehehe. aral na ulit

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