Tuesday, August 22, 2006

In the zone

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In just a few more hours, ill be taking my eee43 exam. hahaha. i just started studying at about 2 am or something. Not that I didnt study days before, I did my problem set all by myself mind you.

Anyway, I just realized while studying...ahahha...

"I am getting the wrong fan fare!"

hmm...I wonder what I can do to turn that "tide" around.

anyway. I am just so happy today, while I absorb more from eee 43. You see, I managed to answer my eee 41 problem set..mostly all by myself. =) Thank you noel for the help in understanding number 2 and for pointing out my mistake for number 1. 

anyway. I am happy with that result because I only started doing the other problems 12nn yesterday. the day before the submission and I managed to finish it...(except the last question regarding the value of the capacitor for number 10 - that and that alone) hahaha.

sorry. I didnt mean to bloat or anything. I am just sort of hype hahaha. Sugar rush? whatever.

anyway. I really really really do hope that everything turns out well for my exam later as well as for my exam this coming saturday and also for our marketing congress endeavor etc etc. haay...I will really pursue my mom on my proposition to hire a manghihilot this coming weekend. man oh man! are my shoulders stiff! Bummer is the stress that eee is.

hmm...current debate: to sleep or not to sleep. that is the question!

not to sleep. I think that if I do sleep, I'd just be getting a headache or something. It's like this, when you find a beggar, you offer him/her food then at the instant he/she takes a bite off what you offer, you take back what you gave. so parang nambitin ka. hahaha. Analogy correct?

so...I guess, I'll just be heading to the main library after my exam to get that much needed znoose. hahaha.well,  i do have eee 44 class at 1. I guess, that's a plan well laid out.


Oh yeah! I must not forget about this.
Here's my wishlist. hahaha (eto ang hihingin ko kung kanino man sa mga kapamilya ko kapag ako'y naging College Scholar this sem)
1) A digital camera that should at least be 5 Megapixels!
2) A body bag. that's branded. ayaw ko ng hawk please.
3) A sports bag, the shoulder bag whatever basta. it's for overnighters kind of bag.

hmm...I think that was all the materials I sought for the other day. Siguro tama na muna yan. DI naman ako sobrang materialistic  eh. hahaha.

Sige, study break over! Aral aral na ulit!!!!


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