Sunday, August 13, 2006


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Man oh man, I loved that film - Click.

I was almost expecting it not to turn out "this" way but also half feeling for it to turn out the way i wasnt expecting it too. Man oh man. Thank you for whoever directed that film. For the first in quite a while, thank you for at first making me want for the film not to be that predictable but later wishing it to be the scene which i predicted. Seriously, thank you for not ending it the way i had first wished it to end.

Hahaha, nevermindmind. This may just be some weird babble to some of you there.

1) Kimono Ken - my mom ate at one of the first restaurants that opened in THE BLOCK. Kimono Ken. Well, there was Bacolod Chicken and Wham and Via Mare but we didnt eat there because for Via Mare, it was a long walk from where we were standing, and you can almost say the same for the other two hehehe. For my critique, I liked their Crispy something wonton and their kani salad as well. It was the first Kani Salad order that had mixed wasabi with the japanese mayonaise. But, even though, Tempura is still the restaurant that served the best tasting Kani will be Sake San...Tempura Boy doesnt serve it that fancy. The tempura will have to be....hahah i dont know, they all taste the same for me. For the service, I think they need more people there, even though it's kind of full already. It took about 5 minutes for them to bring us two glasses of water and about 30 seconds later to bring the bill. Anyway, go there if there's not too much people.

2) Movie house at THE BLOCK - not that fancy. The place is not that intimate as well. I mean, I think there are better cinemas for the same price. The ticket sells for 151 pesos. Eastwood cinemas with the "reclining a bit" chairs has got to be one of the best. Podium is fancy. Greenbelt 3 has loveseats. Glorietta and greenbelt has taters selling the food and drinks (got to love the sour cream flavored popcorns) Oh just to clear things up, what I meant by not that intimate was that...the Cinema was huge. It was probably 10 times larger than Gateway cinemas.

3) It's getting harder and harder to concentrate here at my place. Especially with the wireless internet going on meaning, I get to spend some time surfing the net beside my bed and beside my study table. Actually, the laptop seats nicely between the two. Downloading 12Gigs worth of anime hehehe finished about 3Gigs oh man, law of ueki here i come! but sad to say it's taking way too slow! Where are the seeders?!

4) TO compensate for my spending most of my time resting here at home, I a lot some of my time studying at the main library before I actually head home. =)

5) Time to study!

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