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Jul. 27th, 2006

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"Fire Coming Out Of A Monkey's Head"

Once upon a time at the foot of a great mountain,
there was a town where the people known as Happyfolk lived,
their very existence a mystery to the rest of the world,
obscured as it was by great clouds.
Here they played out their peaceful lives,
innocent of the litany of excess and violence that was growing in the world below.
To live in harmony with the spirit of the mountain called Monkey was enough.
Then one day Strangefolk arrived in the town.
They came in camouflage, hidden behind dark glasses, but no one noticed them: they only saw shadows.
You see, without the Truth of the Eyes, the Happyfolk were blind.

Falling out of aeroplanes and hiding out in holes
Waiting for the sunset to come, people going home
Jump out from behind them and shoot them in the head
Now everybody dancing the dance of the dead,
the dance of the dead,
the dance of the dead

In time, Strangefolk found their way into the higher reaches of the mountain,
and it was there that they found the caves of unimaginable Sincerity and Beauty.
By chance, they stumbled upon the Place Where All Good Souls Come to Rest.
The Strangefolk, they coveted the jewels in these caves above all things,
and soon they began to mine the mountain, its rich seam fueling the chaos of their own world.
Meanwhile, down in the town, the Happyfolk slept restlessly,
their dreams invaded by shadowy figures digging away at their souls.
Every day, people would wake and stare at the mountain.
Why was it bringing darkness into their lives?
And as the Strangefolk mined deeper and deeper into the mountain,
holes began to appear, bringing with them a cold and bitter wind that chilled the very soul of the monkey.
For the first time, the Happyfolk felt fearful for they knew that soon the Monkey would soon stir from its deep sleep.
And then came a sound. Distant first, it grew into castrophany so immense it could be heard far away in space.
There were no screams. There was no time.
The mountain called Monkey had spoken.
There was only fire.
And then, nothing.

I just love this song. It's just...err...visual. =) One of my favorite chill out songs STILL (since Demon Days album came out).
Update for today:
1) Bought food for app night.
2) I have started to count down the days...(for what ye ask? ho hum. what else!? Duh)
3) I have plans you know. I just hope it goes well. People. People people. that's more of what i need now for that thing im planning
4) I have realized that hehehe, like my conversation with a dear friend, that yes, indeed, faith justifies all. Faith is my enemy. It is the enemy of impulsive people like me. Faith is hard to lose. But it can be made to lose.
5) I realized that great leaders are those who are "well rounded." That, of course, will include morale aspects.
6) I am nobody's pawn. (hahaha, of course, not unless i get paid. no sexual undertones here mind you. <-i just had to say that because i thought someone might think there actually was) . I decided to -- because I wanted to --. If you asked us to -- just because you thought you could treat us like pawns -- well you're mistaken.

Slowly yet surely, time slithers by. As the weather grows even colder, the spirit is yet to be given warmth. What will be of the spirit that lies in anger and spite? What will be of the spirit that has yet months to count for its awakening and freedom? What will be of the spirit that bears the grudge, the secrets of immorality and the words of downfall? The spirit of vengeance is continually fed.

What will be of the spirit? What will be of you, the object of rage?

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