Tuesday, July 4, 2006

6 days.

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It's been six days since i have been all alone here at home.

So many things have happened yet far as well as so many realizations that came up.

With regards to the realizations...
The early realizations that i had...were....uhm...forgotten ahhaha. I realized those things while I was riding the jeepney to UP last wednesday (coding kasi).
I think they were more of in the line of:
1) I realized that I know I could indeed live alone...but for the early days...I think for the first four days of living alone...I already spent about 2500 pesos! My gulay! Pero that expenditure included school necessities like acquiring lecture slides etc. etc...and what's worse was that my allowance as computed by 250pesos/day * 12 days (days when my mom is out of the country) so that's about 3000. kind of makes me feel that i really am such a big spender. Though i can argue the fact that I wont eat anything if i dont have the money to hhehehe...or maybe because i wont eat for the wrong reasons like not to get fat

2) I realized that, I am ready to be independent. When I realized this hehehe I got so excited thinking of the day when I will be working abroad like tokyo or perhaps newyork or even better if it was the silicon valley....

3) Recently: I realized that I hate it when people steal from me as well as vandalize my belongings. Bakit? Galit ako sa tanong nasukahan yung wall ng kwarto ko. Puta! May stain!! I hate it!

4) Grabe na ako sa pagiging OC. Shet! Di ako mapapakali if hindi matanggal yung obssession na yun. Example. Na OC ako run na subukan talaga tanggalin yung puke on my wall...I scrubbed it like ten times to no avail. Shet! Then I became OC with the floor of the first I scrubbed it as well. And I ended up doing the srcubbing for about 2 hours! My hands were so exhausted and my back was stressed. Thus, I wasnt able to jog at UP.

5) IN all honesty, it really is a pain to be a hypocrite. But, to tell you as well, it's really hard not to be. Sometimes you have to be one in order to set things right....Pero...nakakasawa talaga eh.

6) Betrayal is indeed the only truth that sticks. Damn you!

7) I realize that I wont go out of my way or rather to exert effort just to fit in. It just doesnt make sense. I will not try to fit in with the elite when I know that I am not elite material yet. Why join in a crowd where you constantly have to keep up just to be in?

8) I should stop over exerting myself. I missed to classes (830 am) because I over studied. I mean, for last friday, i had eee43 class...but i wasnt able to attend because I wasnt able to wake up on time for the mere fact that I read the book for that class till 230 am.

9) I have matured.

10)  I have become better at videoke.

=) that's it for now.
With regards to vandalizing my things...I really am pissed that you didnt even apologize for creating the mess in the first place. So...remember this for you other people, drink responsibly. (I was sober all through out the night I had the party over at my place)...If you're going to puke, apologize. If you couldnt clean it up yourself, ask politely and do not impose on others.

Seriously, im getting nauseated by constant knacks of neigborhood. Good neighbors know privacy. Good neighbors do not puke over at some else's bedroom....and if they do...they apologize.

Last but not the least, Good neighbors, when invited to a party, do not invite other people to gatecrash without telling the host....and they dont impose on the host to store their San Mig Strong Ice over the host's freezer.

Good neighbors, Good friends do not impose on another neighbor/friend.

Ps: My issue with being betrayed and my life being treated with mockery will never be settled. You of my realizations when I was sitting over my throne at my comfort room months ago was that:

*If somebody stabs me or offends me or even does something to my ego, pride and personality...I make sure I strike back. If I get stabbed, I murder. But of course, for th readers, dont take this literally. To explain, If somebody stabs me behind my back, I get back at that person and make sure to cripple him/do what was done to me several folds more. Of course, that's just to teach him a lesson...Revenge awaits

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