Sunday, July 16, 2006

Been busy

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I have just been so busy this past month...

I am starting to understand why during weekends, i tend to spend more of my time relaxing than actually trying to catch up on things.
I am so haggard during weekdays! Shit.

Which made me realize certain more things...
(which are...hehehe ill just leave it hanging)

Anyway, new layout. =) Thanks to freelayouts community hehehe

Some other stuff before I catch up on my studies:

1) Went to tiendesitas this day to have our dog groomed.
     - bought some new shirts
     - convinced my mom to buy our dog shoes and a collared shirt (which cost us...hehehe nevermind)
2) Kinakabahan na ako onti onti para sa darating na exams this week! shucks.
3) Realization 1: Circuit's organization structure sucks big time.
4) Realization 2: Circuit members lack the morale to actually do stuff for the org without feeling forced to....which then leads to the next problem...ano ginagawa ng mga taong sakop ang aspeto na ito ng org.
5) Realization 3: Waaah! Gusto ko na totoo lang. hheehe, gusto ko na magipon pambili ng bmw na X3. Hehehe, naastigan lang ako bigla kanina nung nakita ko sa daan. Ewan ko ba...nakita ko naman nuon pero i wasnt that impressed as i was just recently.

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