Tuesday, April 2, 2013

CH159: Easter Activities

Despite the long weekend, I didn't go out SG. A weekend of activities all spent in SG. Surprisingly, Easter came by quickly with excitement, adventure and fun!

Good Friday-
CP and I went around the National Museum of Singapore (with entrance fee - I forgot how much) as well as the Singapore Arts Museum (was free that day). It was a very cultural experience. My feet aches from all the walking we did after the day was through.

Having been to the MET in NY which had an enormous collection, I would say the NMS was dwarved in scale and collection. It did however compensate with how it presented its curated exhibit. The same can be said for the Singapore Arts Museum which has a good collection on display right now till June/July.

For people in SG, id definitely suggest going around both to experience something different from the usual past time of running, gym, billiards, sports, shopping etc. Go and visit the museums and enrich a different side! :-)

Black (?) Saturday -
CP and I just decided to go about the day at a slow pace. All we did was swim, go around Orchard and shopped. Took an afternoon nap. Ate dinner at Oreole in Somerset 313. Watched Side Effects (with seeing).

Easter Sunday -
We went back to Pulau Ubin. This time however, we tired the Black Diamond trail. Considering I wasn't wearing any protective gear, fear took over lots of times and I opted to get out of the bike and just push it up an incline or hold on to it going down a slope.

It was super extreme IMO. Can't imagined what the double black diamond would be like. I fell several times, got scratches and experienced getting thrown off a bike (with near flip and cart wheel) because I got distracted by a shop selling coconuts.

After a weekend of supposed solace, I've been enriched culturally, and lived through with scratches and gashes and a sprained finger (from falling).

As the young ones say - you only live once!


  1. I looove the museums here. My fave is the ACM pa din. :) I love the National Musem when they have the major exhibits like the Dreams & Reality... :)

    1. whats ACM? i only know of the ones around the Bras Basah area. hahaha i havent even been to the one beside SAM...I always find myself dithering in museums! never enough time to properly go around!

      PS: I can't imagine what work youll do in the national museum. they dont have a big collection

    2. Asian Civilisation Museum, friend. :) Have you been to the Peranakan Museum? It's near the National Museum lang. Nice collection din. :)

      Re: your PS -- hehe. Should be okay. I'm after the experience naman. :) Can we do a catch up?

    3. Can friend! But after April 19 na siguro ako free free as I have to review for an exam on the 19th :-)

      Oh, havent been to the other ones. Next time siguro. Did visit the museum in Melaka though where they signed the independence treaty or something. did you go???

    4. Can, can! Friend, best of luck sa exam! I'm sure you'll ace it. ;P

      We only got to visit the Baba and Nyonya Heritage Museum. That's why I want to go back. Andaming museums!!! :) Most of the museums were closed din either because it was Good Friday or Public Holiday.