Monday, April 15, 2013

CH162: 27

Like how I usually am when my birthday is coming up, I tend to feel off and a bit of a recluse. After my 25th birthday, I tend to prefer low key celebrations and just go through it with very close friends and loved ones. Unlike before there was pressure to throw a celebration to accommodate different sets of friends. I think that bit of show-off and extravagance is culturally ingrained to Filipinos? We like to celebrate and host get-togethers.

Most likely because of ageing and a growing number of friends and sets of friends (i.e. College friends, work colleagues from different employments, childhood friends, friends met in PH, friends met in SG, family, family friends, etc). The network just keeps getting bigger and bigger and at some point, it becomes economically unsound to host a celebration for each set and subset - and that's when you also realize and see who of your friends and acquaintances matter most.

For my 27th, I would say it was very low-key and extremely different with how previous celebrations were held. First, I spent it with CP's family (mom and nephew visiting). We went to the Adventure Cove waterpark in Sentosa for the day. Prior to the waterpark and my rendezvous with them, CP and family suprised me with a birthday cake and birthday cards. I think it's the first time I've ever been suprised like that.

For the evening, CP just told me to dress smartly. Initially we were supposed to dine in Ku De Ta at Marina Bay Sands. Unfortunately, they were fully booked and CP booked elsewhere - New Asia at Stamford Swissotel.

Dinner was really fine - long with the magnificent view of the bay and financial area. Another surprise came when the staff walked in with a birthday cake to sing me a happy birthday. A very intimate celebration indeed and one that will surely be unforgettable.

The day after, CP, me and family flew off to KL for a quick holiday. I didnt get much picture of myself as I was taking it for CP and family. Another surprise came when CP gave me my gift. A new wallet from Montblanc!