Friday, April 19, 2013

CH163: Certified

I finally passed my SAP certification exam! I'm now officially a SAP Certified Technology Associate - System Administrator (Oracle DB) with Netweaver 7.0. So what does this bring forth? I'm not sure really. Better days surely

I must admit, it was so hard balancing work, review and random tidbits here and there with CP. I was anxious the weekend before the exam as I was in Malaysia with CP and family. But, as the results show, I've pulled through and passed. I couldn't be any happier!

Had I failed, it would have been a huge disappointment and I would be crying right now in my room. After a while when I've moved on, I will remember that I paid 650+ SGD for the exam and get depressed again.

The total number of pages I had to skim through totaled 3000+ pages. That's consisting of 5 modules. TADM10 1, TADM10 2, TADM12 1, TADM12 2 and TADM51. The night before the exam I sped-read through about 1400 pages XD. It's such a humbling feat and I'm so so so soooooo thankful that it's over.

Now, on to other things and better days!

PS: CP booked a yacht tour in Groupon for his friends in UK. Very timely celebration later!

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