Wednesday, April 24, 2013

CH165: Cruising

Cruising for information. Cruising on a yacht.

I find it weird that some people I know who I consider as friends are so intent on finding out about matters that are so readily available in the social media and this blog that I keep.

They go on to say: "I know something you're not telling". The tone used to fish for information. The fact of the matter is, I'm not stupid. Whatever it is you see in social media or written here are curated. The posts I create, the pictures I upload are all put out there with the intent to share my life. If I don't tell you anything personally, its because there's a boundary for privacy saved for family and super close friends. - But hey, I can understand the interest...I'm popular, I know hahaha jk.

Vicarious living has fine line between being satisfied with what's available and wanting to know more - borderline stalking. Although I appreciate the attention, I don't like people, you fishing for information. It's my life to live and love. You have yours, get moving.

Just to clarify:
1. The yacht cruise I went to after passing the certification was not paid by me, nor was it paid in celebration of my passing. It just so happened I passed on the day that a cruise was organized for a friend's birthday.

2. My plans to go to UK will be paid by myself. I don't have a benefactor to pay for my fare or provide my pocket money. I'm well able to provide and spend for myself. I've set aside a hefty amount for 2 weeks in the UK. Visa payments, British airways and Singapore airlines flight. All me...and well, a contract completion bonus.

So, there.


  1. Di naman ako nag-fish for information, ah? Hehehe! Kidding. :P

    Relak your heart. ;)

    1. sensitive much? hahaha of course it wasnt you! :-) naoffend lang ako slight with the suggestion that im digging for gold.

    2. hahahaha! friend, alam ko namang di ako yon, ano! because so far, i've only been bugging you about one thing. hahahaha! :-P

      let me know naman when ka fly to UK, ah. :-)

    3. yes and that one things is speeding close!
      ill be there from 8-21. (7-22). :-)