Tuesday, March 19, 2013

CH158: Bintan Getaway

CP has suggested a vacation after all the stress we had the past week or two. The obvious choice of course was Bintan for a beach getaway.

Initially CP was assigned to book rooms and I have the links I found from Web Asia because they had the most affordable rates. CP ended up booking something more expensive and I arranged to have it cancelled ahead of CP saying it was okay.

So, end result is when CP tried to book it again, it didnt go through and we got to Bintan without any booking. But, we proceeded to same result and CP booked the rooms while I attended to some work.

CP, without my knowledge, booked a chalet facing the sea. X_x

The resort was amazing! We booked at te Mayang Sari resort which is part of the Nirwana Gardens group (they have beach hotel where water activities are and the main hotel where the pool and kiddie area is).

We went from Friday-Sunday to make the most out of the experience. To say, the least, it was a very relaxing and fun weekend. I appreciate as well the ferry between SG and Bintan as it was unexpectedly comfortable. It was nice waking up with just the sea a walk away from your doorstep.



  1. Bintan's nice, no? :) I wouldn't mind going back actually. :)

    1. super nice! powdery sand as well - way better than swimming in sentosa :-D