Tuesday, March 5, 2013

[Random] Cooking Experiment 2

So, I've been living up to 2013 plans by continuing to learn how to cook. Yesterday, I experimented with Citrusy Salmon with Broccoli Side.

Instructions are quite simple.
1. Remove skin of salmon. Wash salmon. Dry. Coat with salt and pepper on boat sides.

2. Squeeze lemon to cup, mix water in and add sugar. Experiment with measurement to your taste.

3. Heat butter up In skillet (medium heat). Put salmon in. Cook 2-3 mins on one side and then flip. Once flipped, let salmon cook a bit more before adding the lemon mix made.

4. Let salmon and mix sit in for 8 mins. Regularly check to make sure salmon doesn't over cook. Remove salmon:

5. Let sauce thicken up a bit more by letting sauce mixture simmer.

Broccoli was cooked by boiling it in hot water until crisp and green.

Pour sauce over salmon and broccoli.

Haha, to be honest, the sauce I made was a bit strong so I didn't put too much on the plate and only a drizzle for that kick. But overall, it was well received.

And no, this does not usher in a food or cooking blog. :-)