Tuesday, December 4, 2012

CH139: THailand

I haven't unpacked or sorted the souvenir stuff I should be giving to friends. I have been mostly e
I haven't even been a week from landing from the US, but I spent the last weekend in Thailand with CP. (ch138-swept-away). It wasn't my first time in this region of Thailand. The first time I went to Krabi was last year around August. That time I stayed in Rayleigh. So in our trip, we did things that I didnt get to do or see the first time I went.

I really need to get my stuff from the US sorted out. I haven't even been able to upload pictures of my trip to New York. Since I arrived, almost everyday was spent with CP. Not a complain though. Not at all :-).

On our trip we did the following:
-Island hopping tour via Speedboat of the islands mostly around Phi Phi
-Snorkeling (was my first time to snorkel without wearing a lifevest! :-))
-Sightseeing (islands where we didnt get out of the boat)
-Kayak half day tour

Effort panorama picture of Maya island (where they shot The Beach). Effort because it was hard to capture given the number of people moving and screwing up the panoramic pic.
Slightly More Pictures!

Found a case for my iphone to be able to use it underwater. Will still get an actual underwater camera though

The "grand" canyon. Was really nice seeing the limestone "islands" up close as well as kayaking through foliage (mangroves)

kayaking through narrow waterways.

exploring the lagoon in the middle of the sea around the phi phi island area

goofing around

swam on a beach where (i assume) hollywood stars leonardo di caprio and tilda swinton swam when they shot the movie "The Beach"
Chilling, lazing under the sun

snorkeling and actually swimming with the fishes without a lifevest

getting some peace and quiet in a mangrove jungle

enjoying the fantastic weather and the thrill of riding the speedboat with its sudden bumps and humps (we were seated at the front and tip of the boat)
Phi Phi island

from having eaten at a buffet lunch, had coconut croissant and magnum chocolate truffle for dessert (binge!!!)

having Thai streetfood
getting a workout from kayaking


  1. Yay! :)

    We're meeting tomorrow (Wed) for the stuff, right? :)

  2. Till how deep can you get your iPhone go for? Might get one those cases myself.

    1. it only goes as far as 10M deep. better buy an underwater camera. touch screen wont exactly work if you want to use it for taking photos. helps to store phone and money though.