Friday, December 14, 2012

[Random] Christmas Plans + Cooking

The bad side of using up all my leaves and using unpaid ones to go away to the US for 1 month is that I won't have any choice but to stay here in Singapore over the holidays. The good thing about it though is that CP used up all his as well recently. So, now we're planning on having a "staycation" here in Singapore! Still not sure about where we'll be staying at - but most likely in one of the hotels around the Marina Bay Reservoir...

There's also the question of where we will be having our Christmas lunch in. There are a lot of good and interesting ones here in Singapore in the hotels, but like I told CP, there is no way ever (not yet maybe) I will pay for 280SGD for a course lunch or a degustation style lunch. Not when i know how many people are going hungry - it's such an extravagance which is highly unnecessary!

Also, speaking of food, last night, I was able to cook my first meal ever! Well a decent one I mean - not like frying a hotdog or an egg or something. I grilled up a cordon bleu and put it on top of a tossed salad with ranch dressing. Yummy! Well it was. And now I'm excited to search up what to cook up next to share with CP...

CP and I are thinking of maybe trying to do this weekly or maybe fortnightly. Would be good to learn how to cook and make my own version of Filipino dishes. CP cooked up salmon and tossed up a salad as well the other day. So, it's like a cooking challenge maybe? Good fun and such a fulfilling experience to be able to finally say I cooked something.


  1. A lot of us are staying here for the holidays. :) Go for the staycation. It's super! :D

    For Christmas lunch, better book already. It's going to be crazy. Last year, I started looking for a dinner place very late and it wasn't good. Haha! Good thing I found Hai Tien Lo at PanPac. It was great. Kaya lang they transferred na ata to a new area of the hotel. Maganda iyong dati. :-/

    1. who else? we might stay at the Ritz haha cheaper by a hundred than fullerton. definitely looking for a staycation!

      christmas lunch im trying to find one that will serve turkey. if i cant find elsewhere, ill try and book the one in mbs - buffet inclusive of wine.

  2. wow friend, very martha stewart.

  3. Just like writing, cooking requires passion... Channel your creative side into cooking and you'll be good at it... In the meantime, keep eating!!!

    Happy Holidays!